CS61C Homework 0

Name: Sean Soleyman
E-mail: seansoleyman @ berkeley . edu


Where did you grow up? What is your academic path?
I was born in Encino, a small district in Los Angeles. When I was about 9 years old, I moved to Calabasas. I don't really like driving, and therefore don't really belong in Los Angeles. I feel right at home here in Berkeley, and I will definitely be coming back to visit every chance I get after I graduate and move back to Southern California.

I am going to graduate early, so I only have one semester left as an undergrad. However, I will also be completing my MS here at Berkeley. My research project will most likely focus on power supply design.

How much programming have you done (& what languages)?
Until I was eight years old, I was computer-deprived. If I so much as looked at my dad's brand new business computer, he would shoo me out of his office and warn me not to mess with his mac. Eventually, he got a new one and gave me a 100MHz birthday present. It happened to come with an interesting program called Widget's Workshop, which I consider to be my first programming language. This program allows kids to wire up a bunch of blocks that represent functions, inputs, and outputs. It even allows users to export "stand-alone-widgets" that function as executable files.

My second encounter with programming was as low-level as it gets. On a later birthday, I kindly requested (begged) for a computer kit from an instructional electronics supplier. It consisted of four un-assembled circuit boards and a large pile of components. After I finished putting it together, I got to write programs in assembly language and convert them to machine code by hand. At this point, I realized that I would be needing some more up-to-date programming methods.

When I got internet access some years later, I managed to find a C compiler called lcc-win32. I used it to create a few simple programs, but I didn't actually receive any formal instruction in programming until high school, when I took AP computer science and learned Java. I also did a lot of work with robotics around that time, and most of my projects included an Atmel AVR chip, a microcontroller that uses a RISC instruction set (very similar to MIPS). After coming to Berkeley, I took 61abc and also learned a few obscure programming languages along the way.

What are your hobbies?
rock climbing

What are some of your talents & skills?
I am very good at soldering. I've even done some surface-mount work.
I used to be able to run a 5-minute mile, but now I'm too old and frail.

Have you done anything remarkable? Has anything really memorable happened to you?
I have had a lot of dangerous encounters with boats. The most memorable one happened in Brazil. They have town drunks there. I was only about 5 years old, and this incident actually led to me taking swimming lessons.

What commitments will be consuming your cycles this term?
GSI-ing CS61c
Teaching IEEE HOPE DeCal, other IEEE related stuff
EE242M, EE244
PE classes - tennis, basketball
Salsa, Tango
Sailing club