Older News

2011-11-18 An important note about resubmitting Project 2, part 1, has been added to Piazza here. The reading schedule has been updated (removing the CD portions). Also, since Project 4 will be autograded instead of handled face-to-face, we've swapped out the final week of labs to be a 'catch up' session for getting any outstanding lab assignments checked off.
2011-11-13 Project 4 has been posted. It is a two-week project due Sunday, November 27 at 23:59:59.
2011-11-04 Lab 11 has been posted. It asks you to design the arithmetic and logic unit for use in your processor design project.
2011-11-01 The midterm solutions and rubric are available here. Please get midterm regrade requests in before Friday. (Office hours are a great place to drop them off, and so is your lab section.)
2011-10-25 The Lecture and Reading Calendar has now been finalized for the rest of the semester. Remember, Nov. 11 is a holiday!
2011-10-25 HW4 has been posted. It is due on Sunday, October 30 at 23:59:59.
2011-10-20 Lab 9, on Logisim for designing digital circuits, is now available.
2011-10-13 Extra office hours will be held in honor of Project 2 part 1, Friday Oct 14 from 5 to 7 PM in 330 Soda, as well as Saturday 10 to Noon in 200 SDH.
2011-10-11 Lab 7, on Intel's data parallelism techniques, has been posted.
2011-10-09 Project 2 Part 1 has been posted, with a due date of Oct. 16, 11:59 PM.
2011-10-07 The lecture and reading schedule are now valid through the first week of November.
2011-10-03 Lab 6 has been posted, along with the reading for Wednesday's lecture on the datacenter as a computer.
2011-10-03 The time location of the TA's review session has changed. It is now from FIVE PM to SEVEN PM tomorrow, Tues Oct 4, in 1 Pimentel. The extra space will let everyone attend, but comes at the price of having to play by their booking schedule. (It's a popular hall.)
2011-09-30 The location for the midterm has been posted. Students in lab sections 15, 17, 18, and 19 (Brian and Paul's sections) should take the test in 10 Evans, while all other students take the test in 1 Pimentel, at 7-9 PM, Th Oct 6. There are two review sessions. HKN will host one this Saturday, Oct 1, from 3 to 5 PM, in 306 Soda (the HP Auditorium). On Tues, Oct 4, from 7 to 9 PM, the TAs will hold a review session, with a lecture-style review in 306 Soda as well as more OH style question answering in a room nearby.
2011-09-27 Minh and Casey have swapped some of their grader responsibilities. If you're on accounts -nk and up, Casey is now your reader.
2011-09-27 Lab 5, Disc. Week 5 Handouts, and HW3 all available on the website, as well as correct OH location for Prof. Franklin.
2011-09-18 The material for Discussion Section 4 is now available on the course website. The solutions to the handout should appear on Wednesday.
2011-09-18 The material for Lab 4 is now available on the course website.
2011-09-14 The readers responsible for grading homeworks have been posted (missing email addresses to be added tomorrow). Each reader is responsible for their own subset of students, defined by bounds on the student instructional account trailing code letters.
2011-09-12 Sean's office hours have moved to 246 Cory Hall (still from noon to 2 PM on Fridays). The Weekly Schedule PNG has been updated to reflect both this and the 330 Soda location of Lab 20.
2011-09-09 The sequence of lectures and readings has been established through Week 7 (up to 10.07). The midterm has been scheduled for Th 10.06 from 7 to 9 PM; location remains to be determined.
2011-09-07 Lab section 20 has been permanently scheduled: 10 AM to Noon on Wednesdays, in 330 Soda (as originally intended). Eric's office hours have moved from Friday 3-4PM to Thursday Noon to 1 PM. The deadline for Homework 2 has been pushed to Sunday, Sept. 11, 11:59:59.
2011-09-06 Lab 2 has been posted.
2011-09-02 HW2 is out (due Friday).
2011-09-02 Week 3 Discussion (a.k.a. "Section 2") cancelled due to holiday. Additional reading for F 09.02 Lecture posted as a reference to more of the basics of C. Lab 20 location a matter of ongoing negotiation. Next week's reading posted.
2011-09-01 Lab 20 has moved to 271 Soda due to an unforeseen collision with a cog sci class using 330 Soda at that time.
2011-08-31 Discussion Section 1 Handouts now available for download, along with worksheet solutions. Calendar updated to include office hour times/locations as well as fixing the AM/PM error in the display of Lab 17.
2011-08-28 HW 1, Lab 1 and Lecture 1 notes now available. An additional reading for lecture on 08.31, Brian Harvey's notes on C, has also been posted.
2011-8-24 Welcome to the class, folks!