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Dan Garcia

he/him DSP Data


I'm super delighted to be co-teaching this course with my friend and colleague, the amazing Justin Yokota. I'm passionate about our new "A's for All" initiative that we want to start sweeping the world. On the fun side, I can play 20+ songs on the harmonica (but they all end up sounding like "Piano Man"), juggle 5 balls, score in the low 90s on the links, spin things on my finger, and recite all the words to many old-school raps, stand-up comedy bits and Monty Python sketches. I also have a collection of several hundred game and puzzle books, and terribly enjoy sharing good brain teasers or playing any one of my many exotic board games with students in my GamesCrafters group. Don't get me started telling jokes...

Justin Yokota

he/him DSP Data


Hi All! I'm Justin (he/him), one of the co-instructors for 61B and 61C this semester. As an undergraduate, I did a double math/CS major, and completed a fifth-year masters in a parallel computing project (all at Berkeley). I additionally worked as a TA for nine semesters, with a focus on exam writing.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time playing Celeste (Winter Collab is brutal) and solving/writing puzzles as part of BMT and teammate.

Part 2 of 2: Liberal warmness stacks, overpass bot flies. Avert seams framing class.

Head TAs

Eddy Byun



Heyo! I'm a master's student with a focus on CS education, and this is my first time on 61C staff. Ask me about volleyball, public policy, or jonald! Btw I don't have a website yet so here's a link to one of my favorite songs of all times :D hmu if u want more song recs

Jero Wang



Andrew Liu



Hi y'all! I'm a junior from the tiny state of WV, and I'm excited to teach 61C this semester! Besides the letter C, I like climbing, cooking, and cats!

Andy Chen



Hi I'm Andy, a 4th year CS major from Austin, Texas. I like playing instruments, watching YouTube, reading One Piece (One Peak rn 🔥), and playing Valorant. Looking forward to (61) seeing everyone in class!


Hello everyone! My name is Anthony and this is my 3rd semester on course staff! I enjoy sports (diehard Green Bay Packers/Milwaukee Bucks/Ohio State Buckeyes fan) so if you enjoy any of these teams or just like sports in general, feel free to hit me up! Some of my hobbies include playing the guitar, ukulele, and discovering new music and tv shows! I have an "international" playlist on spotify so do let me know if you have any awesome recommendations! Lastly, my favorite show right now is Peaky Blinders so feel free to talk to me about Peaky Blinders any day of the week. Of course do send me an email if you'd like to talk about anything else as well! Looking forward to an amazing semester with you all!

Arda Akman



Hi everyone, my name is Arda. I am a senior from Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey. I like history, tennis, and Formula 1. I also love cheesy jokes. Looking forward to meet everyone in person, and don't hesitate to hit me up if you have anything in your mind.

Ben Yin




Billy Bao



Hi! I'm Billy, a senior studying EECS, returning on course staff for the third semester. Besides teaching computer architecture, I love tabletop games, orienteering, video game music, and biking. Let's figure out how this magical box we call a computer actually works!


Hi everyone! I'm Brendan, and I'm a senior studying EECS. This is my 5th semester as a part of this class. I'm super excited to meet y'all and for a great semester!

Candice Yang



Hi! I’m Candice Yang from Shanghai. I am a CS major junior, also a French major/minor. I like computer security, clean code, and writing large projects. In my free time, I enjoy PC gaming, writing Chinese calligraphy, watching anime, reading books, and playing with my cat.

Catherine Van Keuren

she/her DSP Data


Hi everyone! I'm Catherine, a fourth-year CS major originally from Florida! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, doing yoga, and scoping out cute cafes. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Eran Kohen Behar



Hey, I'm a senior EECS major from Istanbul, Turkey. Besides teaching I love traveling, photography and playing the piano. This is my third time teaching 61C. Feel free to reach out about anything 61C related or not :)

Erik Yang



hi! I'm Erik, a 4th year from Sacramento studying CS. I'm excited to meet you all this spring :)

Esme Cohen



Hi, I’m Esme, and I’m excited to be joining CS61C for my fourth semester on staff! I am a San Francisco born Applied Math/CS major who's good for a strong opinion about pretty much anything---hmu!

Jackson Wei




Kim Pham


Hi! I'm a senior studying EECS. I love to read, run, and swim (especially in the ocean!). Excited to dive into computer architecture with some of you this semester :)

Nikhil Kandkur



Hi! I'm Nikhil and I'm a 4th year from Fremont, CA studying CS and CalTeach. I'm super excited to teach 61C for the 4th time! Extra stuff I like to do include listening to new kinds of music (really into house music now), binging TV, and biking.

Nithila Poongovan

she/her DSP Data


hi everyone ◡̈ my name's Nithila. I'm a third year EECS & Business major and am SO excited to meet y'all this semester! 🫶🏾 I've recently picked up running again and will be running the Monterey half marathon in November. Feel free to reach out about anything, whether it's a course-related question or just to chat! 🤩 🤠

Rohan Mathur



Hi! I'm Rohan and I am a senior from Cincinnati, Ohio studying computer science and economics. My hobbies include playing guitar, bass, and running. P.S. IF ANYONE FINDS A LIGHTNING MCQUEEN LUNCHBOX ON CAMPUS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT

Ryan McConnell



Hi, I'm a senior in EECS from San Diego and this is my fourth time on 61C staff. I enjoy F1, flannels, and calculated procrastination and I'm looking forward to meeting you this fall!

Sam Xu



My name is Sam and I am a junior from Zhengzhou, China. Glad to see y'all here.

Sonika Vuyyuru

she/her DSP Data


Hey everyone! I’m a Junior originally from Virginia studying CS and Cog Sci. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, playing tennis, and reading!

Su-Ann Ho

she/her DSP Data


teaching coz I'm a risc-taker, email me for pointers.


Aarin Salot



Hey y'all! I'm Aarin, a junior majoring in CS & DS from Simi Valley, California. In my free time I enjoy playing Catan, watching sports (basketball, football, tennis) & kdramas, and sleeping. Super excited to be a tutor this semester!! :)

Abhinav Vedati



Hi all! I'm Abhi, a third-year EECS student from the Bay Area. I'm a tutor for 61c this fall. Looking forward to a great semester with you!

Adam Angle



Hey everyone! I'm Adam, a 3rd-year EECS major. CS 61C has been one of my favorite classes so far and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I look forward to seeing you all this semester!

Anika Kartik



Hi! I’m Anika, a 4th year studying CS and Cogsci. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors, playing tennis, or baking. Excited to be a tutor for 61C!

Athul Krishnan

he/him, they/them


cat enjoyer, squirrel whisperer, and hip-hop/R&B lover

i'm a sophomore double majoring in Mechanical Engineering & EECS, feel free to stop by/reach out to talk about anything 61C/Berkeley related or not. i'd always love to talk!!

Brian Sui



my code is spending too much time on memory accesses. i'd better cache any issues before it's too late!

Dacota Pahl



What's up?? Thanks for reading the staff page, that's cool of you! I'm glad to be a resource for you this semester. If you have any questions, comments, or passions, come find me.

Daniel George



hi! i'm daniel, a senior majoring in CS and Applied Math. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, working out, playing basketball, and losing elo on

Darwin Zhang



Hi! I'm Darwin, a third year EECS major from LA. I enjoy photography and running in my free time. 61C is my favorite course and I hope y'all have great experience!


Hey everyone! I’m a fourth-year from the Bay Area studying CS and ISF. In my free time I really enjoy kayaking, woodworking, and listening to rock music. I’ve recently picked up climbing, so if you’re interested let’s go together!

Ethan Gao

he/him, they/them


Heyo! I'm Gao, a 3rd year EECS major from Ventura and I'm excited to spend this semester with you guys. A few of my hobbies include hiking, Sci Fi, and being bribed with food so feel free to drop by and chat about any of those things

Issac Chen



Due to a technical error many staff's bio will but cut sho

Joel Jaison



Hey! My name's Joel and I'm a senior studying computer science. I'm from San Jose, and in my free time I enjoy running, playing the piano, and watching movies/shows. I really enjoyed 61C when I took it and I hope you all will too!

Joshua Davis



Hi, I’m Josh! I’m a third year CS major and I’m from Georgia. I enjoy coding IOS applications and producing music.

Mira Bali



Hi everyone! I’m Mira, a third year from the Bay Area studying computer science. I really enjoyed CS 61C as a course because we get to actually explore how a computer works and go down the whole stack. This is my third time being on course staff, and the first time for 61C. I’m interested in many subfields in computer science, especially machine learning, and some of my hobbies include reading, dancing, and watching movies. Looking forward to meeting you guys :)

Mukhamediyar Kudaikulov




༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Hi! Have fun in 61C! See y'all in office hours and exam preps :D

Noah Yin




Ofir Dvir



Hi! My name is Ofir (rhymes with fear, but I promise I am not scary). I am a 4th year studying cs. I am majorly obsessed with cats and coffee, and I also do astrophotography. If you have cats, know any cool coffee places, or have awesome pictures hit me up!

Oliver Ye



Hi! I'm a 3rd year EECS/Business major interested in visiting national parks, skiing, and mma! I know an incredible amount of tree facts, so I will happily monologue on how trees are cool if given the chance.

Tony Hong



Tushar Goyal



Hi! I’m a second year majoring in EECS+Business. I love the intersection of hardware and software. My hobbies involve tennis, soccer, and rubik's cubes. I recently bought a kite, so hit me up if you are interested in flying it after class! Fun-image Caption: I was making a Remote Procedure Call.

Tyler Yang



Hi friends! I’m a junior studying CS from Philly! (Go Birds!) I love playing piano and teach a decal called PlayingByEar! In my free time I love lifting, watching One Piece (still catching up) and playing golf. I’m excited to be a tutor in THE CS61C. Hope I see you all in OH!

Vinay Agrawal



Hi! I'm a junior interested in computer architecture and currently studying EECS and Engineering Physics. Excited to learn 61C with you all this semester!