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5.18 Number Representation Practice Question

Try out this practice question on number representation. It's made to look like previous final questions on the topic. Also see the solution. Not to spoil it, but there's an error in the posted solution for part (d). See if you can spot it!

5.15 Final Review Session

Just a reminder that the final review session will be held this upcoming Sunday (the day before the final) from 2-5 in 10 Evans. TAs will be covering topics from the entire semester starting with number representation all the way to parallelism. Bring your questions!

5.09 Performance Contest Extended

The performance contest due date has been moved to Monday, May 12th at 11:59pm. Good luck!

5.08 Course Survey

For a little while this morning the class survey wasn't running correctly. If you weren't able to submit a survey response, please fill it out when you get a chance. The EPA point still counts, of course!

5.03 Project 3 Additional Grading Times

For everyone who couldn't get graded last week, the TAs will be holding additional grading hours next week on Monday from 4-7 and Tuesday from 2-7 in one of the second floor labs (There is a class in 271 for a few hours on Monday, so wander down the hall if you have to). Grading will be first-come first-served. You must get graded before lecture on Friday or risk taking a zero on proj3. It is your responsibility to make this happen. If you can't make the additional Monday and Tuesday times, you can track down any TA during regular office hours.

5.02 Faux Exam 2.5 Solutions Updated

There were a couple errors in the posted faux exam solutions. Please see the corrections linked below.

4.29 Performance Contest Hints

The performance contest has been updated with a rather important optimization hint. Look for the red text under "example boards and nimsums." Happy solving!

4.29 Project 3 Face-to-face Grading

Project 3 submissions will be graded in person during the labs this week. Signups for checkoff times have been posted. If you can, try to grab a slot outside your normal lab time so you will have time to finish the lab.

4.14 Faux Exam 2.5

The second faux final exam will be held Monday, April 21st at 7pm in 100 GPB. It will cover all material up through and including caches and virtual memory -- This means it will cover all but one of the major final question topics!

4.14 Performance Contest Posted

The performance contest has been posted below (check out week 15 on the schedule). It's a partner project and is purely for EPA credit. Are you up to the challenge?

4.13 Quiz 12 Deadline Pushed Back

The quiz submission system isn't working at the moment, so quiz 12 is on hold until further notice. I'll post a second announcement with the new due date when the quizzes are working again. Looks like it was just a hicup on the inst machines. The due date is now Monday at midnight.

4.11 Project 3 Deadline Extended

The due date of project 3 has been extended to Friday, April 18th in order to relieve midterm schedule conflicts.

4.07 Faux Exam 2

A faux final exam will be held 5-8pm in 100 GPB. It will cover SDS and CPU design.

3.11 Midterm Scores in glookup

The midterm scores have been posted in glookup. In summary, you guys rocked it! Here are the stats:

				Number of grades reported:   197
				Mean:                       56.2
				Standard deviation:         12.7
				Minimum:                    20.0
				1st quartile:               47.0
				2nd quartile (median):      59.0
				3rd quartile:               66.9
				Maximum:                    74.0
				Max possible:               75.0
				  0.0  -  4.3:     0  
				  4.3  -  8.7:     0  
				  8.7  - 13.0:     0  
				 13.0  - 17.3:     0  
				 17.3  - 21.7:     2  **
				 21.7  - 26.0:     2  **
				 26.0  - 30.3:     2  **
				 30.3  - 34.6:     6  ****
				 34.6  - 39.0:    11  ******
				 39.0  - 43.3:    12  *******
				 43.3  - 47.6:    18  **********
				 47.6  - 52.0:     8  *****
				 52.0  - 56.3:    24  *************
				 56.3  - 60.6:    25  **************
				 60.6  - 65.0:    20  ***********
				 65.0  - 69.3:    37  ********************
				 69.3  - 73.6:    29  ****************
				 73.6  - 77.9:     1  *

3.11 Discussion Section and OH This Week

All discussion sections are cancelled this week due to the majority of the staff attending the SIGCSE conference. All OH are also cancelled except for DaveJ's. Lab and lecture will be held as normal.

3.08 Midterm Review Notes

Midterm review slides have been posted.

3.05 Green Sheet Errors
We have a list of errors on the MIPS Green Sheet. If you got a copy of the Green Sheet from the CS61C staff or have the revised printing of the text, some (but maybe not all) of the errors have been fixed on it.
  • In Section (1), the Core Instruction Set, lbu, lhu, and lw do not have an opcode of 0. Their opcodes were put in the 'funct' portion, so just scratch out the '0/'
  • In Section (1), the Core Instruction Set, sll and srl shift rt, not rs. So change 'R[rs]' to 'R[rt].'
  • In Section (2), the Register Name, Use, Call Convention table has $ra listed as preserved across calls. This is not true, so change the 'Yes' to a 'No.'
3.05 Midterm Date Change

Due to room availability issues, the midterm has been moved to SUNDAY, March 9th, 6-9pm in 2050 VLSB. The review session has also been moved to accomodate the change. It will be held Saturday, 2-5pm in 2050 VLSB. Anyone with conflicts or who requires special accomodations, email DaveJ and cc Dan immediately.

3.04 Extra Proj2 Office Hours

Omar will be holding extra proj2 office hours Wednesday from 8-11pm in 271 Soda.

2.28 Float Demo Website

Adam Jiang found great floating point explanatory demos. Check them out!

2.15 Extra Proj1 Office Hours

Casey and Matt will be the 61C lab (271 Soda) on Saturday to answer any last minute Proj1 questions. Casey will be there 12-2pm and Matt 2-4pm.

2.13 Faux Exam Solutions

The faux exam and solutions have been posted.

2.07 Faux Exam 1

There will be a practice test held Monday, February 11th, 7-9pm in 306 Soda. We will supply a ~half-length exam compiled from old midterm questions covering the material presented so far. The first half of the period will be spent taking the exam individually under real test conditions. During the second half, the TAs will take the test on the white board while you guys grade your neighbor's exams. It should be great practice and give you a sense for where you stand on the material.

In order to avoid conflicting with Vinton Cerf's talk, the start time will be 7pm, not 6pm as previously posted.

2.07 Cool C Notes

TA Matt found a useful reference for deep C questions. Check it out here.

1.30 Multicore Programming Regents' Lecture

This Thursday Frances Allen, a 2006 Turing Award Winner, will be lecturing on multicore programming. It should be interesting and prove useful towards the end of the course. If you are free, check it out! More information here.
Also, anyone in Omar's lab who miss the first hour due to attending the lecture will still be eligible to get the extra point if compeleted before 6pm!

1.29 Quizzes and Your Grade

Quizzes are graded based on effort and count towards the EPA score at the end of the semester. They factor into your grade more or less in the same way that CPS participation does.

1.27 Quiz 1 Pushed Back

Because several students were unable to get logins this week, the due date for quiz 1 has been pushed back to Monday at 11:59pm. If you still do not have an account form, please email David (cs61c-ta@imail.eecs) so we can get you a login as soon as possible.

1.27 Office Hours

Office hour times have been posted to the weekly schedule below. The TAs don't have rooms reserved yet, so for this week just look for us in the upper floor alcoves of Soda.

1.25 HW1

HW1 has been posted below. It is due Friday, February 1st at 11:59pm. Watch the calendar section for new assignments in the future.

1.22 Welcome to CS61C!

Check this page often for important announcements. More to come in the next day or so.