CS 61C Quiz - Week 13

Current time: Mon Jun 5 12:36:00 2023

Deadline: Sun Apr 20 23:59:59 2008


Question 1:

A particular set of bits in each address is used to determine
the corresponding location in the cache. Why use that particular set
of bits?  Why not, for example, use the high-order (leftmost) bits in
the address to determine the cache location?

Question 2:

Suppose that a reference to the memory location 53 (decimal) is
made while using an eight-word direct-mapped cache (with 1 word
blocks).  In which location of the cache is the contents of
memory location 53 stored, and what is the contents of the
corresponding tag field?

Question 3:

What are the advantages of a set associative cache?  What is the 
associativity of a direct mapped cache?

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