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Inst. Nicholas Weaver


Office Hours: By appointment only

Inst. Jack Kolb


Office Hours: Monday 2-4PM

Hi everyone! I recently finished graduate school at Berkeley and am looking forward to teaching this semester! Previously, I’ve been a GSI for 61C, a GSI for 162, and an instructor for 162. I like doing things outside like running, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Head TAs

Stephan Kaminsky

skaminsky115@ •

Office Hours: Wednesday 12-1PM

Hi! I majored in EECS and just graduated and am doing a 5th year masters. This will be my seventh semester teaching 61C. In my spare time, I like to ride motorcycles, go to movies with friends, and eat avocado toast at acme bread company. Lets have fun this semester :)

Connor (Cece) McMahon


Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11AM

Hey everyone! I’m a first year CS Master’s student, and I just graduated from Georgia Tech with my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. I love teaching, and I am super excited to GSI 61C this Spring! I am currently living in Atlanta with my amazing dog, Belle. I can’t wait to make it to California one day!


Jonathan Shi

jhshi@ •

Office Hours: Thursday 3-4PM

4th year eecs undergrad from the bay area, previously TA for cs162 over the summer. i like programming languages and systems. also i play saxophone.

i have no idea what’s on my personal website because i’m too lazy to figure out how nginx works

computers are cool. but also, sometimes, they suck. that’s just life sometimes.

Nikhil Pimpalkhare


Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4PM

Hello! My name is Nikhil and I’m a current senior. In my free time, I enjoy fetching blocks from main memory, dereferencing pointers, and professing my love to XOR gates.

Sunay Poole


Office Hours: Wednesday 11AM-12PM

Hey everyone, I’m a third year CS and Engineering Physics major from the Los Angeles area. I like running (find me on Strava!) and most outdoor activities, though I don’t have much time these days. I’m really excited to meet all of you virtually!

Daniel Fan


Office Hours: Thursday 7-8PM


Cynthia Zhong


Office Hours: Tuesday 5-6PM

Hi! I’m a 3rd year majoring in linguistics and computer science. In my free time, I love to play (video game music on) the piano, do translations, and practice to write with my left hand. Really excited to meet y’all this fall!!

Caroline Liu

carolinexwliu89@ •

Office Hours: Friday 1-2PM

Hey y’all! I’m Caroline, a rising junior studying EECS and Neurobiology! I love running, reading, writing, crafting, and taking catnaps whilst lucid dreaming. I also am super excited to teach 61C again–yay for segfaults galore!

Now, we play two truths and a lie!

  1. I was born in Vienna, Austria.
  2. I used to practice Wicca as a Baptist Christian.
  3. I am a contortionist.

Find me in discussion or OHs and tell me your answer and chat about anything interesting! :)

Jie Qiu


Office Hours: Monday 6-7PM

Hi! I’m Jie, a third year (senior ;-;) CS major, and this is my fourth time being a TA for CS61C! Outside of 61C, I love sleeping, going to church, exploring new food places, playing the piano, and hiking up the big C to watch sunsets. CS61C is absolutely my favorite class that I have ever taken at Berkeley and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!

Jerry Xu

jerryxu@ •

Office Hours: Tuesday 7-8PM

I’ve got 99 problems, but 80 are cached by k8s-web-4 =.=

Justin Yokota


Office Hours: Friday 12-1PM

Hi! I’m Justin, a fourth-year studying Math and Computer Science.

Emily Wang


Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4PM

hi !!!!!!

Avinash (Avi) Nandakumar

avinashnandakumar@ •

Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2PM

Hello everyone, I’m a 4th year EECS major from southern California near Santa Barbara! This is my fourth semester teaching 61c, and could not be more excited! I am super social, love to be outdoors, and a huge sports fan. Come to my section and talk to me about anything!!

Dayeol Lee

dayeol@ •

Office Hours: Wednesday 2-3PM

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoy CS61C :-)

Aadith Srinivasan


Office Hours: Thursday 4-5PM

I’m a junior studying EECS. I really enjoyed taking 61c and am looking forward to helping others learn the material. In my free time, I like playing video games and editing videos. Excited to meet you all and hope you guys have a fun semester!

Archita Bhattacharya


Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11AM

Hi! I’m looking forward to helping out with 61C this semester, I hope you enjoy the class! :)

Scarlett Tao


Office Hours: Wednesday 7-8PM

hi hii! i am a junior studying CS and theater :) 61c is my favorite lower div no cap so let’s not be intimidated by anything u heard about already and have fun! (pro tip: start those projects early this is not a drill)


codabot@ •

Office Hours:

EvanBot’s sibling.


Jessica Yu


Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10-11AM

Hello! I’m a third year from Fremont, CA. 61C is dense but so am I and I made it through so you can too! Slide through my OH/section to find out doggo’s name + see more dog pics.

Eugenia Gavrilova


Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11AM-12PM

that wasn’t very cache money of u

Troy Sheldon


Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 7-8PM

I like skiing, hardware, and long walks on the beach.

Carolyn Duan


Office Hours:

hello! i’m a junior studying EECS, and this is my second time as a 61c tutor. i’m probably sweeping mines: