If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact course staff.


Connor (Cece) McMahon

she/her | mcmahon@

Hi everyone! I'm a second year CS Master's student from Atlanta, Georgia. I spent the 1st year of my program online in Atlanta, so I'm very excited to be here in person this semester! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Nicholas Weaver

he/him | nweaver@icsi.

Head TAs

Jerry Xu

he/him | jerryxu@

I've got 99 problems, but 80 are cached by k8s-web-4 =.=

I occasionally add features/bugs/featbugs to software/infra.

GregTech New Horizons is a magic mod for clicking circles.

Justin Yokota

he/him | jyokota@

Hi everyone! I'm Justin, a student in the Fifth-Year Master's program for CS, who graduated as a Math/CS double major last year. This semester, I'll be the head TA primarily responsible for content (ex. homeworks, projects, exams). Outside of classes, I tend to solve puzzles and play board games. Good luck!

Peyrin Kao

he/him | peyrin@

You're probably here to check how my name is spelled.

Zephyr Barkan

they/them | zephyrbarkan@

coping with the pain of living by being a little silly


Aadith Srinivasan

he/him | aadiths2000@

Hi! I'm Aadith and I'm a senior from San Jose.

Adelson (Adel) Chua

he/him | adelson.chua@

Hello! I'm a 5th yr PhD student working on machine learning and low-power computing for neural interfaces. Feel free to reach out to me for anything 61C related. I'll guide you the best I can. :)

Akshat Jain

he/him | akshatj@

Hi! My name is Akshat. I'm a third-year CS student. I like to make cool stuff and would love to share that passion with everyone! When I'm not doing that, I play too much Valorant :(

Amit Narang

he/him | narang@

Hi! I'm a 3rd year EECS/Business major, and this is my fourth time on course staff. I'll be in charge of discussions this semester, and I love the Knicks, my friends, & 61C.

Caroline Liu

she/her | carolinexwliu89@

Hey y’all! I’m Caroline, senior studying EECS and neurobiology! I love hikes, oil painting, yarn, and making desserts. I also curate an obscene number of Spotify playlists, so hook me up with reccs!

I'm super excited to teach 61C again and to meet you!

Ivy Li

she/her |

email me for bird facts

Jero Wang

he/him | junyangw@

Hello! I'm Jero, currently a sophomore from Sacramento, California. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, hiking, and grabbing food. This is my second semester teaching 61C and I'm looking forward to a great semester with y'all!

Robin Chu

she/her | robinlilychu@

Hi! I'm a senior from San Diego! In terms of hobbies, I enjoy dance, cooking, playing video games, and recently got into crochet! I'm excited to meet everyone and hope you enjoy 61c!

Rohit Mittal

he/him | rohitmittal@

If CS61C is so good, why is there no CS61C 2?

Rosalie Fang

she/her | fyr2019@

Hi y'all! I'm a 3rd year studying CS and Econ and this is my 2nd semester teaching 61C :) I love traveling and exploring restaurants/boba shops all over the place so hmu with suggestions!

Sav Bowerfind

they/them | savbowerfind@

Hi! I’m Sav (they/them) and I’m super excited to be running student support this semester. Feel free to drop by my office hours with any questions, concerns, or feedback about the course, or just to vent, laugh, or see pictures of my cat.


Anjan Das

he/him | anjan.das.64@

Hey everyone! I'm Anjan and I'm a junior studying CS and Applied Math. This is my second semester teaching 61C, and I can say for a fact that it's the best class at Cal. In my free time, I enjoy napping and playing video games. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Arunan Thiviyanathan

he/him | arunant@

hey, are you a lost pointer? because I can't seem to get you out of my memory

Cindy Lin

she/her | lindycin@

it's 61Confusing...

Edwin Lim

he/him | edwinlim@

Hi! My name is Edwin and I'm currently a junior studying EECS with a focus on computer architecture and VLSI design. I also love Top Dog.

Hannah Oh

she/her | hannahso@

heyo! :>

Sambodh Mitra

he/him | sambodh.mitra@

why did the old man fall down the well?


because he couldn't see that well

come say hello for bad jokes, video games, and computer architecture :')

Shreya Mohanty

she/her | shreyamohanty@

Hi everyone, my name is Shreya! I'm a senior studying CS and Business, and I'm super interested in Neuroscience as well. Outside of academics, I like weightlifting, reading, and photography. Feel free to reach out to me for anything!

Academic Interns

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Aaron Shalf

Aishwarya Sitaraman

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Anirudh Chaudhary

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