University of California at Berkeley
College of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CS 61C, Summer 2010

Homework 9: Caching and Virtual Memory

Due Monday, August 9, 2010 @ 11:59:59pm

TA in charge: Tom Magrino (


Last Update: 2010-08-07, 5:35 pm

Homework Problems

Since we want you guys to focus on the third project, we're trying to keep the homework pretty simple for this final assignment. We want you guys to complete the following problems from P&H (THESE ARE BASED ON THE FOURTH EDITION, WE HAVE NOT CONFIRMED WHETHER THE PROBLEMS ARE THE SAME IN THE THIRD EDITION. Expect an update later with the problems copied onto this page for those of you who can not get access to the book) and put your answers in a plaintext file named README. Below are the problems we want you to complete:

Below are the questions copied verbatim from the book: