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Inst. Stephan Kaminsky

skaminsky115@ •

Office Hours: Tuesday 9-11am

Hi! I majored in EECS and just graduated. This will be my sixth semester teaching 61C. In my spare time, I like to ride motorcycles, go to movies with friends, and eat avocado toast at acme bread company. Lets have fun this semester :)

Inst. Sean Farhat


Office Hours: TBD

Every semester they have me fill out this bio section on the website, and I don’t know what to put. Do you want to know about me and hear my backstory? Do you want a joke or something edgy? What do you want from me? Oh, you just want to learn how a computer works? Nice. I can help you with that.

Inst. Jenny Song


Office Hours: Thursday 8-10am

Hello! Hope y’all enjoy 61C! : ))


Caroline Liu


Office Hours: Friday 3-5pm

Hey y’all! I’m Caroline, an incoming junior studying EECS and Neurobiology! This is my first time TAing and I’m super duper excited even though it’s a lil disappointing classes are online. I love running, reading, writing, knitting, crocheting, and painting, all of which quarantine has helped actuate!

Now, we’re going to play two truths and a lie!

  1. I was born in Vienna, Austria.
  2. I used to practice Wicca as a Baptist Christian.
  3. I am a contortionist.

Find me in discussion or OHs and tell me your answer and chat about anything interesting!

Cynthia Zhong


Office Hours: Monday 2-4pm

I am a rising junior majoring in computer science and linguistics, and I’m really excited to be teaching 61c this summer!! In my free time, I love to play (video game music on) the piano, do translations, and practice to write with my left hand. Looking forward to zoomin with yall ;)

Daniel Fan


Office Hours: Monday 8-10am


Ivy Li •

Office Hours: Friday 10-12pm

segfaults make my heart go doki doki

Jerry Xu


Office Hours: Tuesday 7-8pm; Thursday 6-7pm

I’ve got 99 problems, but 80 are cached by k8s-web-4.

Jie Qiu


Office Hours: Wednesday 6-7pm; Friday 5-7pm

Hi! I’m Jie, an incoming third year CS major, and this is my third time teaching CS61C! Outside of 61C, I love sleeping, going to church, exploring new food places, playing the piano, and hiking up the big C to watch sunsets. CS61C is absolutely my favorite class that I have ever taken at Berkeley and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!

Justin Cheng


Office Hours: Monday 12-2pm

I’m a soon-to-be 4th year L&S CS major from Edison, New Jersey. I like to watch people play video games and I also like to play them myself.

Justin Yokota


Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm; Friday 1-3pm

Hi everyone! I’m a 4th year CS/Math major. I do a lot of puzzle solving and competition-style programming/math.

Kimberly Zhu


Office Hours: Monday 6-8pm; Tuesday 4-5pm; Tuesday 6-7pm

Third year EECS major from the Bay Area. I enjoy movies and trying out new foods!

Max Litster

maxlitster@ •

Office Hours: Monday 10-11am; Tuesday 8-10am

real eyes realize risc-v

Robin Chu


Office Hours: Monday 4-6pm; Thursday 2-5pm

Hi! I am an incoming 3rd year EECS major from San Diego. In my free time, I like to paint, dance, and cook. I’m really excited to get to know all of you!

Ryan Searcy


Office Hours: Wednesday 1-4pm

Hi! I’m a fourth year EECS major focusing on operating systems and distributed systems. In my free time I love to dance (I have directed multiple AFX teams), cook new recipes, and watch a lot of tv shows

Sunay Poole


Office Hours: Tuesday 11-1pm; Thursday 12-2pm

Hey everyone, I’m a third year CS and Engineering Physics major from the Los Angeles area. I’m really stoked to meet all of you virtually - let’s have a great summer!


Edward Zeng


Office Hours: Wednesday 6-7pm; Friday 5-7pm


Emily Wang


Office Hours: Thursday 3-5pm

Hi! I’m a third-year studying EECS and I’m super excited for this summer!! :~)

Kevin Chang


Office Hours: Friday 4-5pm

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

Kevin Zhu


Office Hours: Monday 7-8pm; Wednesday 7-8pm

Hey! I’m a third-year CS major and I’m into music, bouldering, and RISC-V.

Nareg Megan


Office Hours: Wednesday 8-9am

Hello everyone! Looking forward to tutoring 61C :)

Troy Sheldon


Office Hours: Monday 10-11am

what’s my favorite thing about computer architecture you ask? Well, it’s much easier than drawing the buildings by hand.

Vincent Chiang


Office Hours: Monday 4-6pm

Hi, I am a 3rd year CS and Statistics Major from San Francisco. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Taiwan, so I am fluent in both English and Mandarin. I play A LOT of video games including and not limited to Valorant, League of Legends, and Maplestory, so hit me up. On my free time, I listen to music and watch videos in both English or Chinese (yes, I have double the entertainment I can enjoy). I also enjoy playing the piano. I am looking forward to meet everyone this summer.

Yijie Huang


Office Hours: Tuesday 7-8pm; Thursday 6-7pm

I wake up everyday to @kevinzhu’s singing