Lab 3: Logisim

Deadline: Thursday, July 21, 11:59:59 PM PT


You must complete this lab on your local machine. See Lab 0 if anything isn't installed locally.

Before starting, make sure that all your changes to the labs repo on your hive machine are committed and pushed to GitHub.

In your labs directory on your local computer, update your repo, then pull the files for this lab with:

git pull origin main
git pull starter main

If you get an error like the following:

fatal: 'starter' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

make sure to set the starter remote as follows:

git remote add starter

and run the original command again.

Make sure to update Logisim before continuing!

We've also updated the version of Logisim. You'll need to update as follows:

python3 tools/


Save, commit, and push your work, then submit to the Lab 3 assignment on Gradescope. If you have a partner, you should submit the assignment together by adding your partner to your Gradescope submission.