If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact course staff.

DSP Data: has access to DSP information for 61C


Caroline Liu

carolinexwliu89@ she/her DSP Data

Hey y’all! I’m Caroline, senior studying EECS and neurobiology! I love hikes, oil painting, yarn, and making desserts. I also curate an obscene number of Spotify playlists, so hook me up with reccs!

I'm super excited to teach 61C again and to meet you!

Justin Yokota

jyokota@ he/him DSP Data

Hi everyone! I'm Justin, a student in the Fifth-Year Master's program for CS, who graduated as a Math/CS double major last year. This semester, I'll be the head TA primarily responsible for content (ex. homeworks, projects, exams). Outside of classes, I tend to solve puzzles and play board games. Good luck!

Peyrin Kao

peyrin@ he/him DSP Data

You're probably here to check how my name is spelled.


Akshat Satija

akshat.satija@ he/him

Hello there! I'm excited to help y'all succeed in 61C! My family recently adopted a puppy so please reach out with any tips on how to raise a puppy. I'm here to help out in any way I can so feel free to reach out with anything. A little conversation can go a long way.

Andy Chen

achen9734@ he/him

Hey everyone, I'm Andy, I'm an (upcoming) junior studying CS from Austin, Texas. I like reading One Piece and I'm usually caught up (though I fall behind sometimes :/) so definitely talk to me about that if you're also a One Piece fan!

Anish Kachinthaya

anishk@ he/him

Hi! I'm a 3rd year studying EECS and Business major and this is my first time on course staff. I'm interested in racquet sports, cooking, and AVs. I'm excited to meet everyone!

Anya Shah

anyashah@ she/her

hi everyone! i’m a junior eecs student from socal, can’t wait to meet everyone! i like sleeping, lemonade, and upon occasion 61c :))

Arda Akman

arda.akman@ he/him

Hi everyone, my name is Arda. I am a rising junior from Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey. I like wandering around, playing tennis and most of all Formula 1. This will be my first time teaching 61C, and I am exciting meeting you all in person.

Arunan Thiviyanathan

arunant@ he/him

hey, are you a lost pointer? because I can't seem to get you out of my memory

Ben Trefry

bentref@ he/him

Reforming coffee addict majoring in Bicycle Repair with a minor in CS and Creative Writing.

Bernie Miao

educatedbernie@ he/him

what i want: snuggles

what i get: struggles

Brandon VanBuskirk

bvanbuskirk@ he/him

Hello all! I'm Brandon, I'm a senior in EECS and enjoy music, overcaffeinating, backpacking, and robots. For all puppy content inquiries, refer to my email.

Cindy Lin

lindycin@ she/her

I spend too much time thinking about what to write but not thinking of what to write so I write what I'm thinking about and I'm thinking about what to write's 61Cplendid

Eddy Byun

eddybyun@ he/him

Legend has it that there is a fault line underneath the Big C... a segmentation fault :D

Ella Shi

sjy@ she/her DSP Data

Hi! I'm a senior studying Computer Science and Economics. In my free time I like reading, cooking, and weight lifting. Feel free to reach out to me!

Emily Nguyen

emnguyen@ she/her

hi ^_^ I like to play Genshin Impact, watch anime, and touch real live grass. Recently I got into making stickers out of my drawings. Excited to support and learn from you all this summer!! beep boop go bears

Eric Kusnanto

ekusnanto@ he/him

Heyo! I'm Eric and I'm a rising junior from Los Angeles! I enjoy late night chats, listening to podcasts, browsing bookstores, and hiking. Hit me up if you want to talk about life, anime, or even sometimes 61C :D

Erik Yang

eyang7@ he/him

hi! I'm Erik, a 3rd year from Sacramento studying CS. I'm excited to meet you all this summer :)

Esme Cohen

esmedpk@ she/her

Hi! I'm an incoming junior studying CS/Applied Math who's way to invested in her cat.

Grace Zheng

ez05@ she/her

Hi! I am Grace, an incoming senior studying EECS from LA area. I love hiking, singing, traveling and also, playing with my cute cat, April!

Jacob Wu


Hi! I'm a third-year majoring in Computer Science, Economics, and Haas Business. My vision is to help people make better decisions, so I'd love to help you learn more about cache, the Frisch-Waugh theorem, or Mulhern’s First Law. Inspired by my experience working at the Student Learning Center as a tutor for Econ 140 (Econometrics), I envision a community of collaborative growth, whereby we empower and uplift one another through thoughtful engagement, supportive camaraderie, and a deep knowledge of theory. I believe students must be given the appropriate resources in order to succeed, so I am committed to supporting excellence in learning by drawing interdisciplinary yet personalized connections, transforming the learning experience into an active journey, and providing students with the motivation and tools to prosper.

Jero Wang

junyangw@ he/him DSP Data

Hi! I'm a rising junior and this will be my third time teaching 61C!

Jerry Xu

jerryxu@ he/him DSP Data

I occasionally add features/bugs/featbugs to software/infra.

GregTech New Horizons is a magic mod for clicking circles.

Joel Jaison

joeljaison13@ he/him

Hey! My name's Joel and I'm a sophomore studying computer science. I'm from San Jose, and in my free time I enjoy running, playing the piano, and watching movies/shows. I took 61c last fall and really enjoyed it, and I hope you all will too!

Kyle Chiu

kylechiu@ he/him DSP Data

Welcome to 61C's get degrees

Maddie Bohannan

mkcb@ she/her DSP Data

Hi I'm Maddie! I'm an incoming senior & I use the she/her/hers pronouns. Feel free to talk to me about anything 61c or 161 related :)

Nikhil Jha

nikhiljha@ he/him

Hi! I'm Nikhil, sophonior (junimore?) (rising junior???) in EECS. I like to collect plushies and pins. Also, Bear Ramen House's Kimchi Fried Rice is the best food item on southside. Also, 🦀🦀🦀.

Nikhil Kandkur

nkandkur@ he/him

Hi! My name's Nikhil, and I'm a rising junior from Fremont, CA studying CS and CalTeach. This is my first semester on 61C course staff and I couldn't be more excited to teach this summer! Stuff I enjoy to do include binging TV, biking, and listening to new kinds of music.

Nitin Nazeer

nazeern@ he/him

Hi! My name's Nitin and I'm a rising junior studying computer science. This is my first time on course staff, so I'm excited to work with you all!

Ojhan Ardalan

oardalan@ he/him

Hi everyone! Very excited to be teaching 61C. Just a heads up, if I ever explain course material incorrectly, it's actually on purpose and I'm really just testing your knowledge! :)

Paul Botros

pbotros@ he/him

Hello! I'm Paul, a 4th year EE PhD student focused on brain-machine interfaces and neuroscience. Before grad school, I was a software engineer at Square/Block for 5 years. Excited to teach, chat, listen, and learn this summer!

Ramtin Ghassemi

Rohit Agarwal

rohaga@ any/all

Hi, I'm a 3rd year in EECS. Hmu if you want to talk about math, theory, hardware or anything else!

Ryan McConnell

rsmcconnell@ he/him

Hey, I'm a rising junior studying EECS from San Diego. I'm into F1, flannels, and calculated procrastination. Looking forward to meeting you this summer!

Sid Jha

sidjha@ he/him

Let's have a great summer!

Su-Ann Ho

suannho@ she/her

teaching coz I'm a risc-taker, email me for pointers.

Vron Vance

xiowaved@ they/them DSP Data

your local trans helping out with equity and student support - my interests include bugs, critters, and dirt!

Will Lin

linwil000@ he/him

If you're pulling your hair out on any lecture review/preview, homework, or labs hit me up! I'll gladly help anytime. Project debugging does seem to be my niche, though.

Wilson Nguyen

shiokamisama@ he/him

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