EECS70 Self-grading instructions


Self-grading explained

We will have many readers for this class, but the primary way that the homework will be graded is by yourselves. Solutions will be posted online and then you will be expected to read them and enter your own scores and comments for every distinct part of every problem in the homework on a simple coarse scale: Your grades will be due within a week of the homework deadline and if you don't enter any grades by the deadline, you are giving yourself a zero on that assignment. Note: all partial credit must be justified with a comment; without a comment, no partial credit will be allowed.

Just like we encourage you to use a study group for doing your homework, we strongly encourage you to have others help you in grading your assignments while you help grade theirs. This will also help you avoid self-favoritism.

The readers are going to grading a randomly selected subset of problems and so we will catch any attempts at trying to inflate your own scores. This will be considered cheating and is definitely not worth the risk.

If you have any questions about self-grading, we encourage you to seek out a reader at their office hours or in the homework parties.

How to submit your own grades

You will submit your grades for each homework using glookup. In the same way that you submitted "hw1.pdf" to the "hw1" assignment in glookup, you will also submit "hw1_grades.txt" to the "hw1_grades" assignment in glookup.

This text file must be formatted in a specific way, but we have created a webpage that will help you autogenerate the text file in the correct format (see the HW1 version for an example). You don't have to use this webpage to generate the text file. In fact, if you want, just populate the webpage with a bunch of 0s and a few random comments so you can see the format. Then, feel free to edit the text file directly in your favorite pure text editor. The webpage is just for the convenience of those who like web forms more than text files.

Once you've uploaded this file to the instructional servers, use the command "submit hw1_grades" to turn in the file hw1_grades.txt. You should receive a message which indicates success or failure. Grades submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

How to check your own grades

There will be some delay, but your grades for each assignment will appear in glookup. The delay will normally be less than an hour. Please post on Piazza if it has taken longer than an hour and you have double-checked that you did everything correctly.