EE 100 Laboratory Guidelines:

Lab location

The lab is in 140 Cory Hall.   Check the map to find out where Cory hall is located.   A TA MUST BE PRESENT IN 140 FOR YOU TO ACCESS THE LAB.

Lab Makeup

If you cannot make your scheduled lab session because of a valid reason (sickness, family emergency, etc), it is imperative that you let your TA know before the lab starts. You can make up your missed lab only within 2 weeks of your scheduled lab session date. You can come in to other lab sessions during the week to make up your missed lab. If you are making-up a lab, please let the TA of that lab know that you will be coming to make up a lab before you come to the lab.

Before the Lab

  1. Print and read the lab experiment before the lab starts
  2. Prelab will be collected 10 minutes after the scheduled lab start time. No late submission will be accepted.
  3. Come on time!

After the lab

  1. Answer all questions pertaining to the lab experiment
  2. Turn off all instruments on your bench and return components to appropriate locations
  3. Clean up your bench and work area !!
  4. Submit your lab report before you leave - There is no take home report

Missing/Cancelled labs

  1. If you miss a lab for a valid reason, you have two weeks to make up the lab in any other lab section. Same goes to labs that cannot be held due to holidays (thanksgiving etc).
  2. If a lab section is cancelled completely at the start of the semester, it is your responsibility to get into another lab section. If you can't get into any lab section because of valid reasons, talk to Mervin

Lab Assignments

MultiSim (circuit simulator) TUTORIALS and Instrument manuals (READ THESE DOCUMENTS THOROUGHLY BEFORE THE FIRST LAB!)
  1. Week of September 8th 2008: Lab 1 - Digital Multimeter (DMM) and Supplies: Guide Report and Prelab
  2. Week of September 15th 2008: Lab 2 - Circuit Simulator MultiSim Guide Report and Prelab
  3. Week of September 22nd 2008: Lab 3 - Circuit Elements Guide, Report and Prelab
  4. Week of September 29th 2008: Lab 4 - Strain Gauge Guide, Report and Prelab Here is some more reading on op-amps and sensors.
  5. Week of October 6th 2008: NO LAB, understand concepts for midterm
  6. Week of October 13th 2008: NO LAB, midterm week
  7. Week of October 20th 2008: Lab 5 - Op amps (negative feedback) Guide, Report and Prelab
  8. Week of October 27th 2008: Lab 6 - Timers and Oscillators Guide, Report and Prelab Extra Notes on Timer Functionality
  9. Week of November 3rd 2008: Lab 7 - Voltage Booster Guide, Report and Prelab
  10. Week of November 10th 2008: NO LAB
  11. Week of November 17th 2008: Project: Led Display Driver Guide, Prelab and Report

  12. Datasheets and other documentation:
  13. Week of November 24th 2008: NO LAB, Thanksgiving
  14. Week of December 1st 2008: Project: wrap up