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EE105, Fall 2009
Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

TT:330-500P , 277 Cory

Discussion Sections (beginning on Monday 8/31):

                  Hei (Anderson) Kam (

                  Section 101 (299 Cory):   Mondays, 9-10AM;

                  Section 102 (285 Cory):    Wednesdays 2-3PM;

                  Section 103 (293 Cory):                        4-5PM;

Laboratory Sections (beginning on Monday 9/7):

                  Section 11 (353 Cory):   Wednesdays 9AM-12PM; Yida Duan

                  Section 12 (353 Cory):   Tuesdays 9AM-12PM; Jungdong Park

                  Section 13 (353 Cory):   Mondays 12-3PM; Jungdong Park

Course Objectives:

To give students a basic understanding of how semiconductor devices work and how they are used in analog and digital integrated circuits.


EE40: KVL and KCL, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, impedance, frequency response (Bode plots), semiconductor basics, simple pn-junction diode and MOSFET theory and circuit applications, large-signal vs. small-signal response, analog vs. digital signals.

Relation to other courses:

EE105 is a prerequisite for EE113 (Power Electronics) and EE140 (LInear Integrated Circuits).  It is also helpful (but not required) for EE141 (Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits).


Fundamentals of Microelectronics,  1st Edition, by Behzad Razavi, Wiley Press, January 2008.

Professor Sayeef Salahuddin
515 Sutardja Dai Hall
Phone: (510) 642-4662


Office Hours:

Sayeef Salahuddin:     

Mondays 5:00-6:00PM in 515 SD Hall;

Fridays 9-10AM in 515 SD hall          


Discussion TA:

Hei (Anderson) Kam


(Location TBA)

Mondays: 10-11AM,

Wednesdays: 3-4pm

Wednesdays: 5-6pm


Lab TAs:

Yida Duan (

Jungdong Park (          




Instructional Support Assistant:
Rosita Alvarez-Croft
253 Cory Hall
(510) 643-4976