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EE105, Fall 2014
Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

  • Midterm 1: 10/7/14 (Tuesday) in class [Questions] [Solution] [Statistics and Exit Survey]
  • Midterm 2: 11/6/14 (Thursday) in class [Question and Solution] [Statistics]
    • Previous midterm problems (note: these are from previous courses using a different textbook and different coverage. I will point out the overlapping problems for you to practise).
      • [2008] Problem 3 [Solution]
      • [2013-mt1] Problem 4. (Problem 5 is a harder problem, it is doable, but require some thinking. You are welcome to take a stab at it) [Solution]
      • [2013-mt2] This midterm is quite different from what we cover. We haven't covered "active" load yet. You can try work on Problem 3. Problem 2 may be doable. [Solution]
  • Final Exam: 12/19/14 (Friday) 7-10 pm
  • Sample final exam
    • [PDF] (problems that we did not cover in our lectures are crossed out)
    • [Solution]
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