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EE105, Spring 2007
Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

Tues. and Thurs.: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
100 GPB (Genetics, Plant and Biology)

Discussion Sections:
Mondays: 4:00 - 5:00pm, 293 Cory
Wednesdays: 10:00 - 11:00am, 293 Cory
Fridays: 1:00 - 2:00pm, 293 Cory

Prerequisite:  EE40

Fundamentals of Microelectronics, Preliminary Edition," by Behzad Razavi, Wiley Press,
May 2006, ISBN: 0-470-07292-X, Paperback.

Course Details:
Class Syllabus Updated 2/15/07
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Lab Information
Academic Dishonesty Policy

Professor Ming Wu
261M Cory Hall
Phone: (510) 643-0808

Office Hours:
261M Cory Hall
Mondays: 2:30 - 3:30pm
Thursdays: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Teaching Assistants:
Aaron Ohta
Office Hours: 258M Cory Hall
Wednesdays: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Jeffrey Chou
Office Hours: 353 Cory Hall
Mondays: 12:00 - 1:00pm

Eudean Sun
Office Hours: 477 Cory Hall
Tuesdays: 1:00 - 2:00pm

Andy Chen
Office Hours: 353 Cory Hall
Mondays: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Course Administrative Assistant:
Rosemary Alonso
(510) 642-2386


  • 5/9/07Due to a request, Eudean will be holding additional office hours on Wednesday, May 9th from 4-6PM in 477 Cory (just before the review session).

  • 5/8/07Do not calculate C_1 for problem 7.72 in HW11. There are some problems with the specification that make calculating C_1 impossible (or you'll get a negative or imaginary result). Just find W/L, R_G, and R_S. We will not grade any calculations of C_1 (so if you've already done it, you don't have to erase it).

  • 5/7/07Jeff will hold additional office hours this week in the EE105 Lab during the following times: Tuesday May 8th 3-5pm and Wednesday May 9th 3-5pm.

  • 5/4/07 There will be a review session for the final exam next Wednesday, May 9th in 306 Soda Hall (HP Auditorium) from 6-8PM. We will be going over some sample final problems. If you'd like any topic in particular discussed, please send it to Jeff, Eudean, and Andy so we can prepare material for that topic.

  • 5/3/07 Two announcements for today:
    There will be no discussions next week. The Monday discussion will instead be an office hour, held from 4-5PM in 293 Cory (the normal classroom at the normal time).
    2. Eudean will have extended office hours next week in light of the final. They will be: Monday 4-5PM in 293 Cory; Tuesday 12:30-2PM in 477 Cory; Thursday 3-5PM in 477 Cory. If you would like to meet at another time, please send Eudean an e-mail to arrange additional office hours.

  • 4/24/07 Students in the Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday labs should turn in their Lab 9 reports during the first 30 minutes of their normally scheduling lab time this week. Students in the Friday lab section should turn in their reports during the last hour of their normally scheduling lab time (between 11-12). Students may also turn in their reports during their TA's office hours.

  • 4/20/07 The classes on 4/19 and 4/26 will be rescheduled to:
    * April 24, 6-7:30 pm, room 1 Le Conte Hall.
    * May 4, 6-7:30 pm, room 150 GSPP.

  • 4/4/07 Webcast from the make-up lecture (4/3) is now available below in the Lecture Notes + Webcasts section. Please note: this file has no audio.

  • 4/3/07 Eduean will extend his office hours the week of April 2nd. 12:30-2:00pm on Tuesday in 477 Cory and 3:30-5:00pm on Wednesday in 353 Cory.

  • 2/26/07 There is no class on Thursday, March 1st. The course will be rescheduled. Date and room will be announced later.

  • 2/21/07 Jeff will be holding additional office hours Thursday, February 22 from 10am - 11am in the lab (353 Cory). Feel free to bring in any last minute questions!

  • 2/16/07 For the week of 2/19, Eudean Sun's office hours will be Tuesday, 12:30-2:00PM and Wednesday, 3:30-5:00PM both in 477 Cory Hall.

  • 2/15/07 Midterm-1 will be held on Feb. 22, 2007 during class (i.e., 2:10-3:30 pm @ 100 GPB). The midterm is open book and open notes. Please bring your calculator. No computer is allowed though.

  • 2/9/07 A condensed version of MOS capacitor can be found in Prof. Roger Howe's lecture notes at

  • 2/8/07 OH on Thursday: since our lecture room is quite far from Cory Hall, Prof. Wu will have an "on-site" OH in our classroom (100 GPB) RIGHT AFTER class, from 3:30 to 4 pm. He will be back to his office at ~ 4:15 if you need to talk to him more.

  • Prof. Wu's OH on 2/12/2007 (Monday) will be moved to 2/13/2007 (Tuesday) 1-2 pm (before class).

  • 1/30/07 Starting Feb. 1 (Thursday), the lecture will be moved to 100 GPB (Genetics, Plant and Biology) building. It's located near the northwest corner of campus.

  • 1/24/07 My OH will be moved to 4:30-5:30 on Thursday, 1/25/2007.

  • 1/23/2007 HW#1 has been posted. It is due next Tuesday 1/30 at 5 pm, at the HW drop box in student lounge. No late homework will be accepted. Solution will be posted promptly after due time.
  • Welcome to EE105

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Lecture Notes + Webcasts:

Date Lecture PDF Webcast Reading Assignment
1/16 1: Introduction [PDF] [Webcast] Razavi, Chap. 1
1/18 2: Semiconductor Basics [PDF] [Webcast] Razavi, Sec. 2.1; Howe/Sodini, pp. 58-62
1/23 3: PN Junctions [PDF] [Webcast] Razavi, Sec. 2.2 and 2.3, Howe/Sodini, Sec. 3.2-3.6
1/25 and 1/30 4: MOS Capacitor [PDF] [Webcast 1/25]

[Webcast 1/30]
Howe/Sodini, Sec. 3.7-3.9, pp. 136-173
2/1, 2/6 and 2/8 5: MOS Transistors [PDF] [Webcast 2/1]

[Webcast 2/6, Part A]
[Webcast 2/6, Part B]

[Webcast 2/8]
Howe/Sodini, Sec. 3.7-3.9, pp. 136-173
2/13, 2/15, 2/20 and 2/27 6: CMOS Amplifiers [PDF]

[CS-CG-CD Summary]
[Webcast 2/13]

[Webcast 2/15]

[Webcast 2/20]

[Webcast 2/27]
Razavi, Chap. 7
3/6 and 3/8 7: Cascode Stages and Current Mirrors [PDF] [Webcast 3/6]

[Webcast 3/8]
Razavi, Chap. 9
3/13 and 3/15 8: Differential Amplifiers [PDF]
[Webcast 3/13]

[Webcast 3/15, Part A]
[Webcast 3/15, Part B]
Razavi, Sec. 10.1, 10.3-5
3/20 and 3/22 9: Frequency Response [PDF] [Webcast 3/20]

[Webcast 3/22]
Razavi, Chap. 11
_ Make-up Lecture _ [Webcast, No Audio] _
4/3, 4/10 and 4/12 10: Bipolar Transistors [PDF] [Webcast 4/3]

[Webcast 4/10]

[Webcast 4/12]
Razavi, Chap. 4
4/17 and 4/24 11: Bipolar Amplifiers [Part 1: PDF]

[Part 2: PDF]
[Webcast 4/17]

[Webcast Make-Up for 4/19]

[Webcast 4/24]
Razavi, Chap. 5
5/1 and 5/3 9A: Frequency Response of BJT [PDF] [Webcast 5/1]

[Webcast 5/3]
Razavi, Chap. 11

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