Fall 2003

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Final Exam: 100 GPB Fri Dec 12 8AM

Important Announcement

Please bring your exams back to lecture on Thu Nov 20. Please write the name of your TA and your recitation on the front page. If you miss lecture, bring them to your recitation. We will write the total score we have recorded for you and then hand them back to you in recitation so you can verify the addition, etc.

Teaching Staff

Anant Sahai
Office hours: Tu Th 1-2pm, 267 Cory.
No Office Hours After Midterms E-mail: sahai@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA: Roy Wang
Office hours: M 11-12 PM, 1-2PM (297 Cory)
E-mail: ee120-ta@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu

TA: Krishnan Eswaran
FINAL OFFICE HOURS 12/17: W 12-1PM (297 Cory)
E-mail: ee120-tb@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu

Meeting Times

Lecture: TR 9-11:30am   277 Cory

Section 101: M 12-1P, 293 CORY, (Wang)
Section 102: Th 4-5P, 293 CORY, (Eswaran) Note time change
Section 103: W 9-10A, 293 CORY, (Eswaran)
Section 104: F 10-11A, 293 CORY, (Wang)
Note: You may attend any or all of the sections.

Midterms: Oct 2nd and Nov 6th (in class).
Final Exam: 8am Dec 12th.

Course Handouts

Course Outline
Homework and Solutions

Useful Information

Prof. Gray's notes on
Toeplitz and Circulant Matrices.

Newsgroup: ucb.class.ee120

Please read the newsgroup regularly, help your fellow students, and see the solutions posted there.

News server: agate.berkeley.edu
For information on how to set up the newsgroup, visit:


Course Text

Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems
, by E. Lee and P. Varaiya (Addison-Wesley, 2002).

Signals and Systems: Second Edition, by Oppenheim, Willsky, and Nawab (Prentice Hall, 1997).

Optional Supplementary Text

Mastering Matlab 6, by Hanselman and Littlefield (Prentice Hall, 1998).  

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