Fall 2004

Important Announcements

o                                Professor Anantharam is missing several books from his office. These are :

The first two of these books were definitely lost within the last few weeks. They were next to each other on a table in the office. The others may have been missing longer.

If you accidently picked up some of these books during office hours, please return them. Thank you.


Teaching Staff

Instructor: Venkat Anantharam
Office hours: Tu 1-2 PM Tu 3-4 PM (254 M Cory)
Assistant: Chris Colbert, 275 Cory, x2-8458 
E-mail: ananth@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA: Rahul Tandra
Office hours: Th 3-4P, F 11A-12P in 197 CORY
E-mail: tandra@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA: Ben Wild
Office hours: M 1-2P, W 10-11am in 289 Cory Hall
E-mail: ben.wild@algochip.com

Meeting Times

Lecture: MW 2-4pm 277 Cory Hall.  

Section 101: M 12-1P, 293 Cory Hall
Section 102: W 9-10A, 293 Cory Hall
Section 103: Th 4-5P, 293 Cory Hall
Section 104: F 10-11P, 293 Cory Hall

Midterm 1: Wednesday, October 13, 2004, in class
Midterm 2: Wednesday, November 17, 2004, in class
Final Exam: December 18, 2004


Required Texts

Optional Supplementary Text


Online information

Distributed in Adobe Acrobat format.

         Diagnostic Test Solution


         Demo 1 Solutions

         Demo 2 Solutions

         Demo 3 Solutions

         Demo 4 Solutions

         Demo 5 Solutions

         Demo 6 Solutions

         Demo 7 Solutions

         Demo 8 Solutions

         Demo 9 Solutions

         Demo 10 Solutions

         Demo 11 Solutions

         Demo 12 Solutions

         Demo 13 Solutions

         Demo 14 Solutions


         Homework 10 Solutions

         Homework 11 Solutions

         Homework 12 Solutions



         Fall 2004 Midterm 1 Solutions

         Histogram of Midterm 1 scores

         Fall 2004 Midterm 2 Solutions

         Histogram of Midterm 2 scores

         Sample Final Solutions

  • Final exam statistics

  • Lecture Notes

    Notes on topics discussed via laptop presentation will be posted on line. Several additional topics are discussed only on the board in each lecture.

             Notes on the Uncertainty principle (modified at 10 a.m. on 27 Oct)

             Paper by Slepian

             Paper on Hybrid Systems

             Wavelets and Filter Banks


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