Fall 1998

Final Grades are in

If you want to verify your grade records to date, see this page. Last updated on December 20, 1998.

Histogram and statistics for the final: postscript or pdf.

Histogram and statistics for the course: postscript or pdf.

HW 12 may be picked up outside of Prof. Kahn's office.

Teaching Staff

Professor Joseph M. Kahn
Office hours: M 4-5, W 1-2, 514 Cory, x3-8848
Secretary: Dianna Bolt, 558 Cory, x3-6683, dbolt@eecs
E-mail: jmk@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA Andrew Hatch
Office hours: M 11-1 297 Cory
E-mail: ahatch@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA Tom Henderson
Office hours: Tues 4-6 297 Cory
E-mail: tomh@eecs.berkeley.edu

Meeting Times

Lecture: MW 2-4pm, 1 LeConte Hall

Section 101: Tu 8:30 - 9:30am 293 Cory (Andy)
Section 102: Th 11 - 12am 293 Cory (Tom)
Section 103: F 9 - 10am 106 Moffitt (Andy)
Section 104: F 10 - 11am 3111 Etcheverry Hall (Tom)

Note: You may attend any or all of the sections.


"Signals and Systems" by Haykin and Van Veen (John Wiley, 1999).

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