Fall 1999

Important Announcements

Teaching Staff

Professor Joseph M. Kahn
Office hours: M 1-2, W 4-5, 514 Cory, x3-8848
Secretary: Alev Burton, 558 Cory, x3-6928, alevb@hera.eecs.berkeley.edu 
E-mail: jmk@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA Weerachai (Jack) Anotaipaiboon
Office hours: M 4-6, 297 Cory
E-mail: anotai@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA Xiaoyi (Michael) Tang
Office hours: Tu 10-11, Tu 5-6, 297 Cory
E-mail: xiaoyi@eecs.berkeley.edu

Meeting Times

Lecture: MW 2-4pm, 1 LeConte Hall 

Section 101: Tu 4-5pm 3109 Etcheverry (Weerachai)
Section 102: Tu 8-9am 3113 Etcheverry (Weerachai)
Section 103: W 11-12pm 71 Evans (Xiaoyi)
Section 104: F 2-3pm 241 Cory (Xiaoyi)

Note: You may attend any or all of the sections.

Final Exam: Wednesday 12/15/99, 5-8pm


Required Text

Signals and Systems, by Haykin and Van Veen (John Wiley, 1999).

Optional Supplementary Text

Mastering Matlab 5, by Hanselman and Littlefield (Prentice Hall, 1998). Before buying this book, read the section in Course Syllabus on Matlab Assignments.

Online information

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