EE123: Digital Signal Processing


Fall, 2011

Course Description

Catalog Description: (4 units) Discrete time signals and systems: Fourier and Z transforms, DFT, 2-dimensional versions. Digital signal processing topics: flow graphs, realizations, FFT, quantization effects, linear prediction. Digital filter design methods: windowing, frequency sampling, S-to-Z methods, frequency-transformation methods, optimization methods, 2-dimensional filter design.

Prerequisites: EECS 120, or instructor permission.

Course objectives: To develop skills for analyzing and synthesizing algorithms and systems that process discrete time signals, with emphasis on realization and implementation.

Why should you care? Digital signal processing is one of the most important and useful tools an electrical engineer could have. It impacts all modern aspects of life and sciences; from communication, entertainment to health and economics.


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GSI Section


″Discrete Time Signal Processing,″ by A.V. Oppenheim and R.W. Schafer, Prentice Hall, Third Edition. Book Store Link

Additional Material

“Wavelets and Subband Coding” By Martin Vetterli and Jelena Kovacevic. Freely availabla here.

“Fourier and Wavelet Signal Processing” By Martin Vetterli, Jelena Kovacevic and Vivek Goyal. Alpha 2.0 version freely available Here


GNU Octave - a free GPL'ed Matlab-like software


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A list of the topics that will be covered is given Here, in the order that they will be covered This may change based on time.


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