Shyam Parekh

TAs / Readers

Michael Whitmeyer
Head TA
Hi I am Michael and I like probability, CS theory, ping pong, soccer, and games of all kinds! Always happy to talk about math and/or life, but only sometimes qualified.
Kevin Lu
Head TA
Hi, I'm a third year EECS student from PA interested in reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence. I (used to) enjoy playing frisbee. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss anything; looking forward to a great semester!
Nikita Dhawan
Hi, I’m Nikita. Looking forward to a great semester!
Alan (Xiaoyu) He
Hi, I'm a senior studying EECS. I like good food, books, traveling, EDM, board games, basketball (workout a bit)... and playing games :)
Sean Meng
Hi I'm Sean. I'm a senior and I like math.
Aditya Sengupta
Hi! I'm a senior in Engineering Physics/Math. I love biking, space, and fixing my bike over and over again.
Catherine Huang
Hi! I'm a junior majoring in math/CS. I love eating good food and playing Codenames.
Sean Huang
Hi, I am a third-year CS & Math major at UC Berkeley. I have research experience in computer vision and natural language processing, having worked on security knowledge graphs here at Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research. Last summer, I was a software engineering intern at Stripe, working on risk engineering systems. Outside of school, I am curious to learn more about the startup world, and am working on my own ed-tech startup, which helps students connect with teaching or tutoring services. In my free time, I enjoy driving around and taking aerial videos with my drone.
Austin Lei
Hello, I'm Austin Lei, a sophomore Math/CS major. I like probability/math, video games, and watching the San Jose Sharks fail every year.
Clark Wang
Hi! I'm Clark and I'm from Holmdel, New Jersey. Looking forward to the best virtual semester!