Jiantao Jiao
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TAs / Readers

Hanlin Zhu
Head TA
Discussion TA
Content TA / Ed TA (general questions)
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hanlinzhu (at)
Hello! I'm a third year PhD student. Welcome to the tour of probability theory! I'm excited to explore this field with you.
Baihe Huang
Discussion TA
Content TA / Ed TA (homeworks)
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baihe_huang (at)
Syomantak Chaudhuri
Discussion TA
Content TA / Ed TA (labs/discussion sessions)
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syomantak (at)
Hi, I'm a third-year PhD student working under Prof. Courtade!
Jingxing Wang
Reader (at)
Preston Fu
prestonfu (at)
Hi! I’m a second-year who likes math, algorithms, origami, tennis, and hiking. Hope yall have a great semester!
Timber Lin
timber.lin (at)
Hi! I'm a fourth year CS major from Walnut Creek. I play golf, card games, and video games ( Hope you enjoy EECS126!