Kannan Ramchandran
kannanr at eecs dot berkeley dot edu

TAs / Readers

Justin Hong
Head TA
justinhong at berkeley dot edu
I’m a 5th Year Master’s student in EECS from Acton, MA, teaching 126 for a fourth semester. In my free time I enjoy playing badminton and Smash Ultimate. Looking forward to another great semester!!
William Gan
Head TA
wjgan at berkeley dot edu
Hi, I'm Will. This is my 5th time being on course staff for EECS 126. It's my favorite class and I hope this semester I can help you guys discover why.
Banghua Zhu
Content TA
banghua at berkeley dot edu
I'm a second year Ph.D. student, advised by Prof. Jiantao Jiao and Prof. Michael I. Jordan.
Avishek Ghosh
Content TA
avishek_ghosh at berkeley dot edu
Grad Student, fourth year, EECS Dept. TA-ed 126 twice (Fall 2017, Fall 2018)
Eric Liu
eliu454 at berkeley dot edu
I am a fan of Justin Hong.
Kevin Lu
kzl at berkeley dot edu
I'm a second year EECS major interested in non-vision based robotics. I like to gamble.
Sean Meng
sean_meng at berkeley dot edu
I'm a third year EECS major who like probability and algorithms. In my free time I enjoy board games, rock climbing, and vim.
Michael Whitmeyer
mwhitmeyer at berkeley dot edu
Hi I am Michael and I like probability and ping pong and soccer and games of all kinds!
Nikita Dhawan
nikitadhawan at berkeley dot edu
Hi, I'm Nikita. Looking forward to a great semester ahead!
Alan He
xhe22 at berkeley dot edu
Hi, I'm a sophomore studying EECS. I like good food, books, traveling, EDM, board games... and League :)
Steven Cao
stevencao at berkeley dot edu
Hello! I'm a junior majoring in EECS. In my free time, I like to cook and play the piano. Let's have a great semester :)
Aditya Sengupta
adiastra at berkeley dot edu
Hi! I'm a junior in Engineering Physics/Math. I love biking, space, and fixing my bike over and over again.
Christina Zhang
czhang51 at berkeley dot edu
Hi! I am a junior studying computer science from San Diego. I like to read, do crossword puzzles, and visit art museums.
Alexander (Sasha) Khazatsky
khazatsky at berkeley dot edu
Hi y’all! My name is Alex, but most people call me Sasha. I can’t wait to work with all of you this semester! My interests include running to the Big C, saying “sorry” in unnecessary situations, and Reinforcement Learning.