Thomas Courtade

TAs / Readers

Michael Whitmeyer
Head TA
Hi everyone, I am a 5th year Master student and I like probability, CS theory, ping pong, soccer, and games of all kinds! Always happy to talk about math and/or life, but only sometimes qualified.
Kevin Lu
Head TA
Hi, I'm a third year EECS student from PA interested in reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence. I (used to) enjoy playing frisbee. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss anything; looking forward to a great semester!
Alan He
Hi everyone, I am a first year MFE student, and I enjoy probability and quantitative finance! Reading, traveling, playing board games and having good food are usually how I spend my free time :)
Catherine Huang
Here's to a great semester! Hmu if you want to play 4 player chess or talk about life or anything really :)
Kevin Lin
I'm in my 3rd year of EECS and I'm interesting in inference: both humans inferring other humans' thoughts and machines inferring humans' thoughts. Feel free to email me for anything!
Aditya Sengupta
Hi! I'm a senior in Engineering Physics/Math. I love biking, using probability to understand planets orbiting other stars (ask me about it!), and fixing my bike over and over again.
Charles Sun
Hi I'm Charles. I'm a third year studying CS. I like RL, video games, reading, and cooking. Catch me contemplating the meaning of our existence.
Clark Wang
Hey I'm Clark and I'm looking forward to the best virtual semester!
Albert Zhang
Hi, I'm a third year math/cs student from MA interested in analysis and probability theory.
Han Qi
Hello! I’m a second year CS and Applied Math major. I like reading, bakery and figure skating. Looking forward to meeting you!
Reina Wang
Hi! I'm a sophomore studying EECS. Other than probability, I like playing around with After Effects, exploring new restaurants, and huddling up in a comfortable beanbag with a mug of hot cocoa and a good sci-fi novel.