Kannan Ramchandran

TAs / Readers

Catherine Huang
Head TA
Hi! In my free time, I like to try new restaurants and use XD unironically. Here's to a great semester!
Clark Wang
Head TA
Hi! I’m Clark and I’m a senior from NJ. Probability is cool, and cheers to the greatest EECS126 semester!
Aadil Manazir
Hey everyone! I’m Aadil and I’m a sophomore studying EECS and EMS. In my free time, I like lifting, listening to podcasts, and music.
Akshit Dewan
Hi! I'm a junior from NJ who is in a exploration >> exploitation phase of life
Andy Dong
Hi folks! I'm a third-year EECS major from Vancouver Canada. In my free time I enjoy badminton and cooking, and I'm a big fan of 3Blue1Brown and Veritasium on YouTube.
Kamyar Salahi
Hi! I'm Kamyar, a third year EECS + Business Major. In my free time, I enjoy drinking tea, planning trips, and reading/watching satire. Feel free to reach out and I'm looking forward to an excellent semester.
Merrick Wang
Hi! I'm a third-year CS & Business student from Saratoga, CA under the Global Management Program and EECS Honors Program. I'm interested in machine learning, and I'm a research assistant in Professor Ramchandran's lab.
Reina Wang
Hi! I'm a junior studying EECS. In my spare time, I like exploring new restaurants, binge-watching singing competitions, and huddling up in a comfortable beanbag with a mug of hot cocoa and a good sci-fi novel.
Sohom Paul
Nice to meet you all! Feel free to flag me down if you want to talk about food, games, or machine learning. Or probability, of course :P.
Zhiwei Zhang
Mad scientist YOHO ↖(^ω^)↗
Axel Li
Hello! I'm a second year EECS student with an interest in everything mathy. In my free time I like nerding out, solving puzzles, and hiking. I look forward to meeting you all!
Rohit Agarwal
Hi, my name is Rohit and I'm a second-year EECS major from NJ. I love math, puzzles, food, and learning new things. Tell me your favorite place to eat in Berkeley.