Thomas Courtade
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TAs / Readers

Andy Dong
Head TA
Content TA
dxa (at)
eecs126-inst (at)
Hello and welcome to the tour of probability theory! I'm a fourth year EECS student from Vancouver Canada, and I'm excited to be one of your guides on this journey. Please hold on tight as we explore this exciting field. Get ready for an educational and informative tour! (Generated by ChatGPT)
Reina Wang
Head TA
Content TA
reinaw1012 (at)
eecs126-inst (at)
Hi! I'm a senior who likes exploring new restaurants, binge-watching singing competitions, and huddling up in a comfortable beanbag with a mug of hot cocoa and a good sci-fi novel.
Alex Fu
Content TA
alexfu (at)
Hello! I'm a third-year who likes algebra, probability, writing about math, and answering your questions. Let's have a great semester together :)
Jianzhi Wang
Discussion TA
jianzhi (at)
Hello! I'm Jianzhi and I'm thrilled to explore the world of probability with you. Here's to a great semester!
Sohom Paul
Discussion TA
sohompaul (at)
Nice to meet you all! Feel free to flag me down if you want to talk about food, games, or machine learning. Or probability, of course :P
Syomantak Chaudhuri
Discussion TA
syomantak (at)
Hi, I'm a second-year PhD student working under Prof. Courtade!
Liam Tan
liam.tan (at)
Hello. I'm a math 2nd year. I like lifting and math! come hunt me down in office hours if you can help me hit a 2 plate bench and perhaps I can help you out with probability.
Timber Lin
timber.lin (at)
Hi! I'm a third year CS major from Walnut Creek. I play golf, card games, and video games ( Hope you enjoy EECS126!
Vedant Kumud
vkumud (at)
Yashish Mohnot
ymmohnot (at)
Hi everyone! I am Yashish, and I am a junior studying EECS. In my free time I enjoy playing FIFA, skiing (or daydreaming about skiing in the summer) and of course, everything probability. Looking forward to having a great semester!