Jiantao Jiao
eecs126-spr24 (at)
jiantao (at)

TAs / Readers

Tianhao Wu
Head TA
Discussion TA
General Question TA
eecs126-spr24 (at)
thw (at)
I'm the Head TA this semaster, happy to take any general question.
Geng Zhao
Discussion TA
eecs126-spr24 (at)
gengzhao (at)
Hi! I'm a third year PhD student. While not working on probability and algorithms, you may find me hiking and stargazing.
Kunhe Yang
Discussion TA
eecs126-spr24 (at)
kunheyang (at)
Hanlin Zhu
Content TA (Labs)
eecs126-spr24 (at)
hanlinzhu (at)
Hello! I'm a third year PhD student. Welcome to the tour of probability theory! I'm excited to explore this field with you.
Baihe Huang
Content TA (HWs)
eecs126-spr24 (at)
baihe_huang (at)
Preston Fu
prestonfu (at)
Hi! I'm a sophomore studying EECS. I enjoy playing tennis, Latex-ing, and eating unrefrigerated bread :) Looking forward to a great semester!
Richard Zhuang
richardzhuang0412 (at)
Hi there! I am a junior studying Applied Math and CS. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball and poker. Excited to meet all of you!
Albert Guo
albertguo888 (at)