Homework will be accessible every Thursday on both bCourses and Piazza and will be due the following Thursday at 11:00pm. Homework will be electronically submitted to Gradescope (​entry code: ​MZYNXZ​)​ ​as follows:

  1. A single PDF consisting of the following components:

    1. Scanned handwritten work or a LaTeX file containing answers to non IPython questions

    2. A PDF of all iPython notebooks You will need to select the pages associated with each question through Gradescope. Late homework will not be accepted, but to account for the vicissitudes of life, we will drop the 2 lowest homework scores from the final grade calculation.

Homework party

Monday nights either 8-10pm or 9-11pm in Cory or Soda (precise time and location will be posted each week and can be found on the ​course calendar​).