University of California at Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Introduction to Control Design Techniques

Fall Semester 2008-2009

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Lecture Information: TuTh 12.30-2, 405 Soda Hall.
Section Information: M 9-10, 293 Cory Hall.
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Course Description

Root-locus and frequency response techniques for control system synthesis. State-space techniques for modeling, full-state feedback regulator design, pole placement, and observer design. Combined observer and regulator design. Lab experiments on computers connected to mechanical systems.



Labs (Lab Writing Guidelines)






Mailing List

Please sign the handout sheet on the first day of lectures (Thurs Aug 28), OR email Tomlin, so that your email will be added to the class mailing list.


Homework 20%
Labs 20%
Midterm 20%
Final 40%

It is encouraged that you work in groups, however each person must hand in his/her own homework. The lab will be done in groups, with one lab report per group. Homework (HW) is due by 4.30pm in the Tomlin's mail box in Cory 253. Late homeworks will not be accepted.

Notes and Textbook

The textbook for this course is

Franklin, Powell, Emami-Naeini, "Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems" (5th Edition) (FPE).

I will provide lecture notes throughout the term, however I encourage you to take your own notes during lecture.


``Modern Control Engineering'', Ogata. CA TJ213.028 1996.
``Modern Control Systems'', Dorf. CA TJ216.D67 1998.
``Linear System Theory and Design'', Chen. ISBN: 0195117778 1998.

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