EE C128 / ME C134 Feedback Control Systems Lab (Fall 2019)

EE C128/ME C134 2011 Main page (Old Material)

Lab Guidelines

EE128 Lab / Lab Report Policies (updated on Jan 25, 2017)

Guide to Good Lab Report Writing (updated on Jan 25, 2017)

Useful MATLAB Commands (updated on Jan 25, 2017)

Video introduction to Matlab:

  • 1. Intro to Matlab (10 min)
  • 2. Matlab starters
  • 3. Simulink (5 min)
  • Common Simulink Components (updated on Jan 25, 2017)

    Simulink Configuration (updated on Jan 25, 2017)

    Lab Documents

    Lab 1 Intro to MATLAB and Simulink

    Lab 2 Basic Concepts in Control System Design

    Lab 3 Quanser Hardware and Proportional Control

    Lab 4 Model-Based Position Control of a Cart

    Lab 5a Magnetic Levitation

    Lab 5b Magnetic Levitation

    Lab 6a Pole Placement for the Inverted Pendulum

    Lab 6b/c Luenberger Observer Design and LQR Controller Design for Inverted Pendulum

    Lab 6d Self-Erecting Inverted Pendulum (SEIP)

    Useful Tips

    1. For the simulation (not hardware experiment) of continuous time system in Simulink, use "ode4" or "ode5" in your Simulink model instead of "ode1" for more accurate simulation. You can also use fixed step size of 0.001(s) or smaller for simulation. (Simulink model -> Simulation -> Configuration Parameters... -> Solver -> ode4 or ode5, Fixed step size -> 0.001)