EE 145B / BioE 165

Imaging, Image Reconstruction, Processing, and Analysis

Spring 2002
182 Dwinelle; Tues and Thurs 11-12:30

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5/7Reminder: Final exam is Wed, May 22nd 8-11am in 6 Evans Hall.
4/22See image loading instructions for homework 6. Please turn in Homework 6 to Duan before May.
4/2Homework 5 due date moved to Tuesday, April 9.
4/2Joey's office hours have changed. See below.
3/16In order to help you prepare for the midterm, Joey's office hours will be different this week. Instead of Wed and Fri, I will be holding two hours on Tuesday: 10-11am right outside the Free Speech Mvmt Cafe / Moffitt Library (so we're closer to our classroom -- let me know if you're unsure of where to meet), and also 1:30-2:30pm in 469 Cory. I believe Duan will be holding hours on Monday -- contact him for details.
2/22The midterm date has changed to Thursday, March 21 in class.
1/29Lecture is now in 182 Dwinelle, still Tues and Thurs 11-12:30.
1/22Discussion section time has been changed to 12:00-1:00pm on Fridays in Cory 299.


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3/14MR spatial localization lecture in ppt.
3/14Lecture #7 in pps.
3/14Lecture #6 in pps.
3/14Lecture #5 in pps.
2/2Lectures #3 and #4 in ppt.
1/22Lecture #1 notes in ppt and pdf.

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Professor Sharmila Majumdar
(415) 476-6830
Professor David Saloner
(415) 750-2238
GSI Joey Kimdon
Office hour: (in 469 Cory)
Fri 11-12pm
GSI Duan Xu
Office hours by appointment.


Taught by Sharmila Majumdar
Taught by David Saloner
1/22Introduction to Imaging
1/24Fourier Transforms in 1D, 2D
1/29Implementation of the FFT, convolution
2/5Ultrasound introduction
2/12Ultrasound applications
2/14Ultrasound completed; Nuclear medicine introduced
2/19Nuclear medicine, SPECT
2/22Positron Emission Tomography
2/26Computed Tomography
2/28CT continued
3/5CT reconstruction, Radon Transform
3/7Spiral CT
3/12CT image analysis
3/14Magnetic Resonance
3/19MR hardware basics
3/21Midterm ***new date***
3/25-29Spring Break
4/2Contrast and relaxation mechanizms
4/4Image analysis, relaxation maps
4/9Spatial Encoding
4/11Pulse sequences
4/16FT reconstruction
4/18FT recon, RF design
4/23Parametric imaging, flow
4/25Contrast agents
5/14Last day of classes