EECS16B, Designing Information Devices and Systems II

Summer 2022

Course Staff

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Hi, hello, welcome! I'm a fourth-year undergrad born and raised in the Bay Area. I research with SLICE Lab, and my interests lie in the intersection of hardware and theory. Right now, I'm planning to learn how to play the drums. And, finally, I believe fervently that Artichoke's > Seniore's > Papa John's > Sliver (Berkeley pizza rankings). My goal this summer is to help you genuinely learn and succeed. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything.

Divija Hasteer

Hi y'all! I'm a 5th year's master's student working under Professor Gireeja Ranade. My research interests are in control theory and machine learning, and currently I'm trying to understand how data and models are useful for controlling nonlinear systems. I'm also interested in the interpretation of dynamics of non-physical systems like neural network learning. I enjoy reading fanfiction, graphic design, wikipedia diving, learning and teaching, and occasionally build and make things. Feel free to email me about the course or research! I graduated as a transfer student here so if you have specific questions in that area I can also try to address them as well.

Moses Won


Shrey doesn't work here anymore, I don't know why he's still on this website

Mingyang Wang
Lab Head

Former Berkeley graduate, back for another 4 years

Shrey Aeron
Lab Head


Hi! I am a rising senior interested in quantitative finance and controls. I also like playing tennis, FIFA 22, and riding my bike around Berkeley. Feel free to reach out anytime!

Anish Muthali
Discussion Content

Hi everyone! I’m Anirudh Rengarajan but most people just call me Ani. I've been on EECS 16B course staff for two semesters as a HW Party ASE, and this is my first time serving as a Content TA! I’m currently an incoming 5th year Masters student in EECS who will start this upcoming fall. my research centers around Cyber-Physical and Embedded System Software Design. I currently work with Dr. Lohstroh and Professor Edward Lee in the iCyPhy Lab on the Lingua Franca Project. In my spare time, I love watching basketball and football (go Warriors and 49ers!!) and am a huge fan of sightseeing and making my own guacamole. Feel free to reach out to me about research or for my favorite places to explore :)

Anirudh Rengarajan
HW Content

Hi everyone, I'm a third year CS major. I enjoy running, hiking, and baking, as well as playing music. I hope to get into systems or computational biology research this upcoming year and try new sports in my down time. HMU for a zoom baking party!

Saketh Malyala

Hi everyone! I'm a third year CS major from Korea. My primary academic interest is in linear algebra and ML. In my free time, I usually jog or explore good food places. I really liked 16B when I was a student and I hope you guys enjoy 16B as much as I did!

Rebecca Won

Hi! I'm a senior studying Computer Science and Mathematics! 16B labs are honestly my favorite part of this course and I hope to help make 16B an enjoyable experience! I enjoy swimming and running (especially when it rains). I also like to bake whenever I have the time.

Noah Lee

ASEs, Readers, Tutors

Hi! I'm a junior from central Iowa (kudos if you know where that is) studying EECS. In my free time I like to hike/travel, play video games, and try new food!

Stella Zeng
Software ASE

Hi, I'm a third-year studying CS and cognitive science. Here's a photo of a llama named Mystical Amigo eating my hair.

Joy Liu

Hi, I am rising junior majoring in BioE & Business and am interested in biorobotics. In my free time, I enjoy watching way more Netflix than I should and cooking (mostly) edible things. I also sometimes wonder how I made it onto course staff. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat!

Venkata Alapati

Hey there! I'm a rising junior and an international student from Botswana (probably never heard of it but its fine). I love playing badminton so if you're into it too, let's play sometime. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!

Saikrishna Achalla

Hello everyone, my name is Jeshua. I grew up in Utah and now I’m studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Berkeley. I like rock climbing, skiing, working out, eating, and wordle. I’ll be your tutor this semester, so I hope to see you soon!

Jeshua Gustafson
Non-Lab ASE

Hello, there! I am an EECS major and a rising sophomore. EECS 16B is one of the most worthwhile classes you will take with lots of support available. Come on over to my section if you're ever stuck. I am passionate about teaching and research (my interests include vision, lanugage, and computational biology). If you are like me and a fan of Star Wars, then this class is for you. You'll learn to design and build something straight out of the Star Wars universe (challenge: can you spot the Star Wars reference in this bio?). Besides Star Wars, I love exercising, playing piano, and watching sports! Go Bears, and go Dubs!

Chancharik Mitra
Non-Lab ASE

Hi :D I'm a rising junior studying CS and cognitive science, and I'm from NJ! In my free time, I like playing piano, obsessing over BTS, and playing Minecraft. This is my second semester on course staff, and I'm so excited to help out!

Olivia Huang
Non-Lab ASE