EECS 236A 

Updated 01/28/2004


Professor Jeffrey Bokor E-mail: 

Lecture: Tue. & Thu. 9:30-11:00AM, 521 Cory Hall (Hogan room)

This course deals with the fundamental physics and engineering of laser systems. Topics include blackbody radiation theory, the interaction of radiation with atoms and ions, energy levels and transitions in semiconductors, ray and wave propagation through optical media, passive optical resonators, laser pumping processes, continuous and transient laser behavior, and specific laser systems. 

Background in quantum mechanics and electromagnetic theory at the level of Physics 137A and EE 117 is assumed.


9/17/2003: Homework #1 is due 9/25/03 in class.  The file has been re-posted with the correct due date indicated.

11/17/2003: There will be a make-up lecture today, Monday, 11/17/2003 at 5:15PM in 476 Cory.

11/17/2003: Notes on the midterm.  For problem 3, you can assume index of refraction, n = 1 in  the gain medium.  For problem 4, Wp represents the same thing as Rp in the class notes.

12/5/2003: Final exam is now posted on the Homework page.

1/28/2004: Final exam solutions now posted on the Homework page.


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