E24: Freshman Seminar

Spring 1998

Influences of Social and Economic Factors on the Future of Computing and Communications


This class meets regularly on Mondays, 12:10-1, in room 400 Cory.

The class discussion group is now operating.  It is on agate:  ucb.class.engr24

Assignment for March 2:
Pick the topic for your short research paper.  Submit your chosen topic by email to hodges@eecs and messer@eecs not later than 11 PM March 2.  Make the subject of your email  "E24 topic".  Include in your email at least one WWW link to a site with substantial raw material on your topic.

In class on March 2, the instructors will introduce the economic concepts of  "network effects" and "lock-in". These matters have much influence on the rate of introduction and rate of progress of modern computing and communications.

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