E24: Freshman Seminar

Spring 1998

Influences of Social and Economic Factors on the Future of Computing and Communications

Continuing rapid technological advances have resulted in computing and communications technology outstriping its applications. The acceptance and assimilation of computing and communications technology is heavily influenced by social and economic forces, and future progress may be limited more by application ideas and public acceptance than by technology itself. This seminar will bring together students interested in technology, the social sciences (particularly economics, psychology, and political science) and business, to study how economic and social forces are likely to impact the applications of computing and communications technologies in the future.

1 unit, P/NP


Prof. David A. Hodges

Prof. David G. Messerschmitt

Location: 400 Cory Hall (Hughes Room), Mondays 12-1 PM (students are welcome to bring bag lunches)


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New York Times, Cybertimes Section (free access, but you must register once)