Course Description

Architectural and circuit level design and analysis of integrated analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog interfaces in modern CMOS and BiCMOS VLSI technology. Analog-digital converters: Nyquist and over-sampled, digital-analog converters, sample/hold amplifiers, continuous-time and switched-capacitor filters. Low power mixed signal design techniques. Data communication systems including interface circuitry. CAD tools for analog design for simulation and synthesis.

Lectures are webcasted:

Please try to attend the classes live to benefit from direct interactions.

CAD Tools
  • Hspice or Spectre
  • Matlab
  • Final exam on Wed. Dec. 19th at 70 Evans Hall 12:30 to 3:30pm
  • Term Project (optional) posted and the deadline is postponed to Dec. 13th. or Dec. 14th. Please make an appointment with the instructor for Thurs. Dec. 13th after 1pm or Frid. Dec. 14th after 10am to present the results in person.
  • Solution to homework #9 posted
  • Lecture notes for 28th lecture available on the site. Also, notes for Lecture 23 reloaded with the two missing slides included.
  • Extra office hours Wed. Dec. 12th 2 to 4pm and Thurs. Dec. 13th 10am to 12pm

Course Information
EE247, Fall 2007
  • Tu,Th 12:30-2PM (203 McLaughlin)
  • Instructor: Haideh Khorramabadi
  • Assistant: Therese George, 253 Cory Hall, 642-2384, therese@eecs
  • Office Hours: Tu,Th 2:30-3:30PM @ 563 Cory Hall
  • Extra office hours upon request
  • Grading Policy:
    • Homework/Project: 50%
    • Midterm: 20%
    • Final Exam: 30%

Copyright 2007 Haideh Khorramabadi