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EECS 290H: Special Issues in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Spring, 1999

This course addresses the issue of transfering novel IC technologies to production. Five main topics will be covered: The course is self-contained for the student whose background includes IC processing (EE143) and basic IC design (EE140 or EE141).

Final Reports Presentation Party

(Tuesday 5/18, 12:30 - 3ish, Hogan Room)

Teaching Staff

Professor Costas J. Spanos
Phone: 510 643 6776 Fax 642 2739

Professor Kameshwar Poolla
Phone: 510 642-4642 Fax 643 5599

Place and Time

Class: 12:30 - 2:00 Tu and Th in 541 Cory
Office Hours: 1 - 2pm Monday and Wednesday in 568 Cory

Available Information (Available on the weekend prior to lectures)

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