EE 290T  Spring 2002

Multimedia Signal Processing, Communications 

and Networking

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Professor A. Zakhor
507 Cory Hall
Ext. 3-6777
Office hour: Friday 12:00-1:00


Fridays: 10:00 - 12:00

Course secretary
Lea Barker
558 Cory Hall
Ext. 3-6683

Course handouts
Handouts not picked up during lectures can be found with the course secretary

PowerPoint Presentations
papers 1 and 2
Network Congestion
Method of Handling Packet Loss for Multimedia Applications
Video Streaming
QoS and Video Delivery
Video Streaming over DiffServ Network
Multicast for video streaming
Wireless Networking
Wireless Video Streaming
Overlay Network and Data Transmission over Wireless

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Outline of Topics
Introduction: What is Multimedia, text, graphics, images, video, animations, sound, 3D, enabling technologies, applications

Compression: Quantization theory, bit allocation, transform coding, subband coding, fractal coding, vector quantization, motion estimation, visual standards JBIG, JPEG, MPEG 1,2,4, audio/speech coding.

Networking: Introduction to networking priciples: foundation, layering and protocols, physically connecting hosts, packet switching, internetworking, end to end protocols, end to end data, congestion control; Multimedia Networks: requirements and performance issues, throughput, error rate, delay, round trip delay, delay variation or jitter, throughput variation; Qos: RSVP, Diffserv, MPLS, real time multimedia streaming techniques, multicast and rate control;

Wireless and mobile multimedia networking: wireless channel models and protocols; error reslient compression for wireless.

Each student will choose to do a class project on a mutually agreed upon topic related to multimedia signal processing, communication, or networking. Each class project can have anywhere from 1 to 3 participants. Proposals are due on Friday March 1. Final Project presentations will be on Friday May 3 and May 10th. The report on the final project is due on May 14th. Project will count for 70% of the grade. There will also be in class discussions led by students on papers assigned by the instructor. Participation in class discussions will count 30% towards the grade.

Class participation:30%

Teaching Assistant


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