EECS 290T: Multimedia Signal Processing, Communications and Networking

Spring 2004

University of California at Berkeley
Dept of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

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Handouts not picked up during lectures can be found with the academic assistant.

Administrative Info

Instructor:   A. Zakhor, Room 507 Cory Hall, 643-6777,

Office hours:   Friday, 12:00-1:00pm

Academic Assistant:   Rosita Alvarez, Room 253 Cory Hall, 643-4976,

Course web site:   http://inst.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~ee290t

Lectures:   Friday, 10:00-12:00.

Lecture Notes and Presentations

Lecture 1:


Lecture 2:

What is multimedia?
Why compression?

Lecture 3:

Basics of DPCM
Overview of image compression

Lecture 4:

Still Image Compression

Lecture 5:

Multiresolution, Subband, and Wavelet Coding

Lecture 6:

Motion Estimation
Motion Compensation
Basics of Video Coding

Lecture 7:

Video Coding Standards (1)
Video Coding Standards (2)

Lecture 8:

Audio Compression

Lecture 9:

Review of Network Basics

Lecture 10:

Wavelet Video Coding - Principles, Applications and Standardization

Lecture 11:

Multimedia Networking

Lecture 12:

Rate Control for Streaming Video - from Wired to Wireless

Lecture 13:

Live Streaming and Overlay Multicast

Additional Lecture Material

Quantization, VQ and Entropy Coding

Dictionary Techniques


Pyramid Coding

Fractal, VQ

VQ, Video

Motion Estimation



What is Multimedia, text, graphics, images, video, animations, sound, 3D, enabling technologies, applications.


Quantization theory, Huffman coding, Arithmetic coding, bit allocation, transform coding, sub-band coding, fractal coding, vector quantization, motion estimation, basics of image, video and speech compression algorithms, visual standards JBIG, JPEG, MPEG 1,2,4, audio/speech coding. Advanced compression topics: layered coding, wavelets, zero tree coding, 3D wavelet coding and lifting, multiple description coding; error concealment techniques, error resilient compression techniques.


Introduction to IP networks, internt, and networking principles: foundation, layering and protocols, physically connecting hosts, packet switching, internetworking, end to end protocols, end to end data, congestion control; overview of multimedia networking: requirements and performance issues, throughput, error rate, delay, round trip delay, delay variation or jitter, throughput variation; TCP friendly rate control, forward error correction , Automatic Repeat request (ARQ), Quality of Service (QoS), INTegrated SERVices (intserv), RSVP, DIFFerentiated SERVices (difffserv), MPLS, traffic engineering, routing, multipath streaming, distributed streaming, edge architecture, overlay networks, unicast vs. multicast, application level multicast, peer to peer streaming.

Wireless and mobile multimedia networking:

Wireless channel models and streaming protocols; channel adaptation; ad hoc networks and routing; wireless LANs, 802.11


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Course Reader

EE290T reader


Each student will choose to do a class project on a mutually agreed upon topic related to multimedia signal processing, communication, or networking. Each class project can have anywhere from 1 to 3 participants. Proposals are due on Friday March 5th Final Project presentations will be on Friday April 30th and May 7th . The report on the final project is due on May 14th. Project will count for 70% of the grade. There will also be in class discussions led by students on papers assigned by the instructor. Participation in class discussions will count 30% towards the grade.

Papers to Read and Review

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