Electrical Engineering 40, Spring 2008
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits

EE40 Spring 2008 - Announcements & Course Info


  • Midterm 3 score correction: Bring it to 212 Cory on Thursday, May 15th 2008 @ 5:00 pm PST
  • Final Exam Info.
    • FINAL EXAM IS ON 05/16/2008 from 12:30 - 3:30 pm in F295 HAAS. Closed book exam, no calculators, computers etc. You are allowed FOUR 8.5 x 11 sheets (with writing on both sides) as cheat sheet.
    • FINAL EXAM REVIEW SESSION has been scheduled from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 05/13/08 in 277 CORY [NOTICE ROOM CHANGE] PICK UP YOUR UNCOLLECTED MIDTERM 3s HERE.
  • Final Exam Syllabus
    • Hambley: Chapters 1, 2, 3 (except 3.7), 4, 5 (except 5.7), 6 (except 6.9), 10, 12 (except 12.7) and 14 (except 14.5 and 14.8)
    • Homeworks 1 through 10 and their solution sets
    • Supplementary reader: Chapters 1 through 4, section 5.1 of Chapter 5
    • Lecture notes for Lecture 1 through 41 (inclusive). However the typed part of lecture 33 to lecture 37 are not necessary for the test
  • Midterm 3 scores are up, mean: 32.5, standard deviation: 12.5. Midterm 3s will be returned in lecture on Monday, 05/12/08.Midterm 3 Solutions

  • 05/02/08
  • HW #10 is due on Monday, 05/12/08 @ 5:00 pm in homework boxes in 240 Cory
  • HKN EECS 40 Midterm 3 Review session, 3 - 5 pm on Sunday May 4th 2008 in Wozniak Lounge
  • Midterm 3 information:
    The syllabus for the third midterm on 5/7 will include that of the first
    and second midterm in principle. This includes sections 6.6 through 6.8 in Hambley
    but the main emphasis will be on the material covered after the second midterm up to
    but not including discussion of MOSFETs. This includes:
    Chapter 10 of Hambley.
    Sections 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4, 14.6, 14.7, 14.9 and 14.10 of Chapter 14 of Hambley.
    Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of the supplementary reader.
    Homework 7, Homework 8 and Homework 9.
    Lecture notes for Lecture 23 to Lecture 36, inclusive. However, the typed parts of Lecture 33 to Lecture 36 are *not* necessary for the test.
    It will be a closed book exam. No calculators, computers etc. Each student is allowed to bring *three* 8 1/2 x11 sheets (with writing on both sides) as cheat sheets.

    Monday, 05/05/08, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, 105 North Gate
    Midterm 3:,
    10 Evans, 05/07/08, 1:00 - 2:00 pm, LAST NAMES: A through L (inclusive)
    150 GSPP (Goldman School of Public Policy), 05/07/08, 1:00 - 2:00 pm, LAST NAMES: M through Z (inclusive) Check the map for building info.

  • Homework 9 due date has been changed to Wednesday, 04/30, 5:00 PM PST. Homework 10 will be due on Monday, 05/12 5:00 PM PST.
  • Homework 8 due date has been changed to Monday, 04/21, 5:00 PM PST
  • Ma'ayan's discussion website is up
  • Project writeup is up.
  • Homework 7 is up, it is due on 04/11. Note that the homework pdf has a due date typo of 03/11.
  • PLEASE pick up your homeworks in your respective lab sections. PLEASE write your LAB SECTION DAY and TIME on your homeworks.
  • HW and Midterm Regrade policy: Please contact the discussion TA for the section that you attend, EXCEPT for homeworks 2 and 3. Please contact Bart in his office hours for homework 2 and 3 regrades. Be SURE to have your homework with you when you contact Bart, if you don't have your HW then talk to Bart in his office hours.
  • A clarification on lab report policy: please submit one lab report per group ONE WEEK after the experiment is completed in lab.

  • Midterm 2 scores are up on bspace. Midterm 2 Solutions Distribution.

  • Have a great and relaxing spring break

  • Chaohao will be in his Friday lab section this week (03/21/08, 3 pm - 6 pm in 140 Cory) for lab makeups.
  • Midterm 2 is on Wednesday, 03/19/08 from 1 pm - 2 pm. Topics: Concepts from the first midterm (in principle), Chapter 3 of Hambley (except Section 3.7), Chapter 4, Chapter 5 (except Section 5.7), Chapter 6 (except Sections 6.6, 6.7, 6.8 and 6.9), Homeworks 4, 5 and 6. Lab guides for labs 3, 4 and 5 (for the associated theory material). Closed book exam. Calculators are NOT allowed. Cheat sheet: TWO 8.5 x 11 sheets, BOTH sides, any font size/type. E.g. you could bring the one they had for the first exam and another one for the new material, or just make two new ones. The midterm will be held in two rooms:
    The TAs will be synchronized (via cell phone) so one room does not have any unfair advantage over the other
  • Midterm 2 review session is scheduled for Monday, 03/17/08 from 6 pm - 8 pm in 120 Latimer

  • HKN is holding an EECS 40 review session on Saturday, 03/15/08, from 4 pm - 6 pm in 293 Cory
  • HW #6 is due on 03/14/2008 @ 5:00 PM PST in 240 Cory.
  • Here is the midterm 1 score distribution

  • HW #4 is due on 02/29/2008 @ 5:00 PM PST in 240 Cory
  • Bart's office hours have been changed to 11:00 - 12:00 on Fridays in the Moore Room (right after Ma'ayan's office hours, in the same location).
  • Midterm 1 scores are up on bspace. Midterm 1 solutions. You can get your midterms back in the lab section that you attend. If you are in the Monday or Tuesday lab sections, please stop by Bart's office hours this Friday

  • Midterm 1 is on Friday, 02/22/2008 from 1 pm - 2 pm. Topics: Chapters 1 and 2 ONLY (lecture notes till Monday, 02/11/2008 (inclusive)). Cheat sheet: ONE 8.5 x 11 sheet, BOTH sides, any font size/type. Calculators are NOT allowed.
  • The midterm will be held in two rooms:
    • LAST names A - L (inclusive) please go to 10 Evans
    • LAST names M - Z (inclusive) please go to 277 Cory
    The TAs will be synchronized (via cell phone) so one room does not have any unfair advantage over the other
  • PLEASE resubmit your ENTIRE HW #2 if problem 9 was NOT graded. HW #2s MUST be placed in the EE40 homework box in 240 Cory by this Friday (02/22/08), 5:00 pm PST. If you did problem #9 with HW #3, no action is necessary.
  • Venkat's office hours this Thursday (02/21) have been moved to 11:00 - 12:00 in 212 Cory.

  • Please pick up your HWs in Bart's and Ma'ayan's office hours on Friday, 02/15/2008
  • REMINDER: Problem 9 from homework 2 MUST be submitted this next week with Homework 3 (on Friday 2/15 @ 5:00 pm PST (sharp) in 240 Cory).
  • Midterm 1 review session has been scheduled for TUESDAY, 02/19/2008 (notice day/date change) from 6 pm - 8 pm (PST) in 120 Latimer. Use the map to figure out where Latimer is.

  • Problem 9 of homework 2 has been deferred to next week, i.e. it should be submitted together with Homework 3 on Friday 2/15. All the other problems should be submitted this Friday 2/8. Based on your textbook reading (Chapter 2) and the lectures so far, all other problems should be accessible.

  • The lectures have been moved back to 10 Evans starting from Wednesday, 02/06/08
  • Ma'ayan will be taking over Bart's office hours this week (Friday, 9:00 - 10:00, it will be in the Moore room instead of 140 Cory)

  • Homework 1 solutions are up
  • Second homework is up, due on 02/08/08 (in one week) The homework should be turned in at the homework boxes in 240 Cory @ 5:00 pm (SHARP, no Berkeley Standard Time)


  • First homework is up, due on 02/01/08 (in one week) The homework should be turned in at the homework boxes in 240 Cory @ 5:00 pm (SHARP, no Berkeley Standard Time)

  • NO LABS THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS (01/22-01/25).
  • Welcome to the first day of EECS 40 Spring 2008! Please go through the information in the website thoroughly, check the website at least once a day.
  • Please sign up on our Google Discussion Groups ASAP. Sign up and Bart will approve your membership (within 24 hours). This will be your primary means of asking HW questions. Although emailing the staff is encouraged, the newsgroup should be your first attempt at getting the homework question(s) answered.


  • To those trying to add the class or switch sections: We are aware that you cannot add discussions or labs through telebears. If you are not currently registered for or cannot make your scheduled lab/discussion, please attend the labs or sections you can make it to next week. Whether you get in or not will depend on whether there is space available at that time. We cannot make any guarantees that you will get into any section other than the one you are already registered though.


    Lecture Time:

    10 Evans, MWF 1-2

    Course Objectives:

    This course is intended to teach basic circuit theory and principles of electronic engineering as preparation for subsequent EE courses.

    Course Format:

    Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory, one hour of discussion [4 Units].

    Stay with ONE Discussion and Lab session you registered.

    Instructor: Prof. Venkat Anantharam

    Office: 271 Cory Hall

    Office hours: Mondays 2 - 3 pm (212 Cory), Thursdays 3 - 4 pm (258 Cory). If Prof. Anantharam is not in those rooms, please check his office in 271 Cory

    All emails to Prof. Anantharam should be forwarded by the Head GSI (Bart, mbharat@cory.eecs.berkeley.edu)


    Math 1B and Physics 7B.

    Textbooks and/or other required material:

    Hambley, Allan R., Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc., 2007.

    Supplemental notes and reader (on line for download)

    Discussion/laboratory schedule:

    Office Hours, Discussion and Laboratory Sections Begin 01/28/08

    Tests and Final Dates:

    -       Tests: Midterm 1: 02/22/08; Midterm 2: 03/19/08; Midterm 3: 05/07/08

    -       Location: Announced a week before the test

    -       Test Review Session(s): Midterm 1 Review: 02/19/08; Midterm 2 Review: 03/17/08; Midterm 3 Review: 05/05/08

    -       Location: Announced a week before the review.

    -       Final: 12:30 – 3:30 pm Friday 05/16/2008 (Exam Group 5)

    -       Location: Announced a week before the final

    Grading Policy:

                - 9%: 10 HW sets (drop lowest score)
    - 18% labs: 10 Labs
       i. 7 structured experiments (each is worth 1.5%)
       ii. one 3-week final project (7.5%)
    - 39%: 3 tests, each worth 13% (NO dropping of lowest test)
    - 34%: Final exam

    -       No late HW or Lab reports accepted.

    -       No make-up exams

    Weekly HW:

    -       Assignment on the web by 5 pm Fridays, starting 01/25/08

    -       Due 5 pm the following Friday in HW box, 240 Cory.

    -       On the top page, right top corner, write your name (in the form: Last Name, First Name) with lab section day and time.

    -       Graded homework will be returned in lab sections.


    -       Each lab is graded with 30% on Prelab and 70% on Report.

    -       You must complete the prelab section before going to the lab. The prelabs are checked by the GSIs at the beginning of each session. If prelabs are completed during the lab sessions, it is considered late and 50% will be deducted.

    -       Lab reports are due exactly one week after your lab is completed.

    Classroom Rules:

    -       Please come to class on time.

    -       Turn off cell phones, pagers, radio, CD, DVD, etc.

    -       No food or pets.

    -       Do not come in and out of classroom.

    -       Lectures will be recorded and webcasted.

    Catalog Description:

    Fundamental circuit concepts and analysis techniques. Kirchoff's laws, nodal analysis; independent and dependent sources. Thevenin, Norton equivalent circuits. Transient and AC analysis; speed and power. Phasors, Bode plots and transfer function. Filters and Op-Amps. Graphical methods for nonlinear circuits. GaussÕs Law and bandgap. Diode and FET characteristics. Diode and MOSFET circuits. Introduction to basic integrated-circuit technology and layout. Digital signals, logic gates, switching.

    An electronics laboratory is part of the course. Using and understanding electronics laboratory equipment such as: oscilloscope, power supplies, function generator, multimeter, curve-tracer, and RLC meter. Includes a term project of constructing a circuit with appropriate electromechanical device.

    Topics covered:

    -       Introduction to circuits: currents, and voltages; power and energy; Kirchhoff's Current Law; Kirchhoff's Voltage Law; branches, loops and nodes

    -       Resistive circuits; Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits; Node/Mesh/Superposition analysis

    -       Inductance and capacitance; L and C transients; 1st and 2nd order circuits

    -       Phasors; Frequency response; Bode plots; Resonance; Transfer function; Filters (1st and 2nd order filters)

    -       Operational Amplifiers: Ideal operational amplifiers; Inverting and non-inverting amplifiers; Design of simple amplifiers; Op-amp imperfections in the linear range of operation; Integrators and differentiators;

    -       Diode circuits: Basic concepts; Load-line analysis of diode circuits; Ideal-diode model; Piecewise-linear diode models; Rectifier circuits; voltage doubler

    -       Semiconductors; n and p doping; bandgap

    -       Diode physics: Gauss's Law and Poisson Equation; Depletion approximation; IV characteristics

    -       MOSFET physics: NMOS and PMOS transistors and simple fabrication concepts

    -       MOSFET circuits: Load-line analysis; Bias circuits

    -       Binary logic, truth tables: inversion, NAND and NOR

    -       Logic circuits: CMOS logic gates

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