Wed., 8/10
  • Review Session Today: 5-8P, 277 Cory
  • HW6 and graded labs will be returned at the review session.
Tue., 8/9
  • Practice final exams have been posted on the calendar page. For more practice, look at exams in the HKN archive.
  • All recorded grades will be e-mailed to you soon. When you receive the e-mail, please check to make sure that points have been recorded correctly.
  • Octavian's office hours on Thursday have been extended 1 hour: 11A-1P.
  • Josh will be having office hours on Wed. at 4P until the review session, and then from 8P to .
Mon., 8/8
  • Please attend your first lab slot for this week.
Wed., 8/3
  • David will be holding lab office hours Thurs. 8/4 from 9-10A in 140AB. It will be the last opportunity to finish your audio amp. project.
  • Final Exam: Thurs. 8/11, 5-8P, 277 Cory. All material from the semester can appear on the exam. Three note sheets will be allowed.
  • Review Session: Wed. 8/10, 277 Cory
Fri., 7/29
  • If your grade on the Final Exam shows improvement, your midterm grades will be discarded since all the material covered will be tested on the final exam. So if you're unhappy with your grades so far, make sure to study hard for the final!
  • Only the best 6 out of 7 homeworks will count towards your grade.
Thursday, 7/28
  • Good luck on your midterm!
  • Project 1 has been posted. A significant part of the circuit will be built at home, so get started soon! If there are any errors or sections that are confusing, e-mail David Lin.
  • David will hold lab office hours in 140AB Cory from 3-4P on Friday 7/29 and 11-12P on Monday 8/1 to allow for pick-up of any missing parts.
Wednesday, 7/27
Tuesday, 7/26
  • The audio amplifier part list has been posted. There are 2 220uF capacitors missing from all kits. David will hold lab office hours later this week to allow you to pick up any missing parts.
  • The midterm room has been changed to 100 Genetics and Plant Biology (GPB) building!
Monday, 7/25
  • Sample midterms have been posted. For more practice, look at exams in the HKN archive.
  • Midterm 2: Thurs. 7/28, 11:30-1:00P, 100 Genetics and Plant Biology building. Covers HW #4 and #5; lectures 8-13 (no small signal model).
  • Midterm 2 Review Session: Wed. 7/27, 5-8P, 277 Cory.
  • Attend your first lab slot.
  • You will receive your audio amplifier project kits in lab this week. A part list will be posted soon to allow you to verify that your kit has everything it should. You will be required to assemble part of the circuit as part of next week's prelab; details will be posted later this week.
Friday, 7/22
  • Extra sample problems will be covered in Octavian Florescu's office hours. Send him an e-mail if you want more sample problems.
  • HW5 due Wed. 7/27 at 5P in the 2nd floor Cory dropbox. Do not turn in your homework at the review session!
Monday, 7/18
  • The reader with Howe and Sodini reading is ready to be picked up from Copy Central Northside (on Hearst just west of Euclid). The cost (I believe) is $17.55. It has a yellow cover and will say EE40 and Howe and Sodini on the front.
 Friday, 7/15
  • We are having a reader made from required sections of Microelectronics: an Integrated Approach by Howe and Sodini. It will be available at Northside Copy Central some time next week. For now, there is a copy of the book on 2-hr. reserve in Kresge Engineering Library. The book is usually the EE105 book (but please double check!), so those of you who are planning to take 105 next semester should consider purchasing the book in advance.
  • Please save all your returned assignments. We will give you a chance to verify assignment grades in our gradebook before the end of the semester. If there are any mistakes, you will need to present your scored papers to have it fixed. No exceptions!
Monday, 7/11
  • Midterm 1 Review Session Today, 5-8P in 277 Cory
  • Numerical solutions only have been posted for HW3, to allow you to check your final answers before the midterm.
Saturday, 7/9
  • Solutions to HW2 have been posted.
  • Practice midterm 1 exams have been posted to the calender. Keep in mind that material covered in past semesters may differ. For more practice, look at exams in the HKN archive.
  • Midterm 1 Review Checklist.
Friday, 7/8
  • Midterm 1: Tuesday, July 12, 11:30A-1:00P in 145 Dwinelle
  • Non-programmable calculators ONLY
  • 1 hand-written, double-sided cheat sheet allowed.
  • Material up to and including lecture 7.
  • Midterm 1 Review Session: Monday, July 11, 5-8P in 277 Cory
  • Attend only your second lab slot next week.
Wednesday, 7/6
  • MT1 Review Session: Monday 7/11, 5-8P, Location TBA.
  • Due to time conflicts, midterm 1 time has been changed to Tuesday 7/12, 11:30A-1:00P. Location TBA.
Tuesday, 7/5
  • No need for students in TW 8-11A labs to bring your graded prelabs & lab reports anymore!
  • Please attend only your second lab slot for this week and have the prelab finished when you arrive.
  • HW #3 has been posted.
Tuesday, 6/28
  • HW #2 has been posted. It is due next Tuesday at 6pm in the 2nd floor Cory lounge dropbox.
  • Remember that lecture is no longer cancelled this Friday. All lectures will occur as regularly scheduled.
  • Sahand's OH has been changed to Tues. 2-3P.
  • HW #1 Due today at 6pm.
  • Due to scheduling conflicts with some students, classes will resume normally this week and next.
  • Midterm tentatively 7/12.
  • Labs and pre-labs are graded for accuracy of values and units, so please do them carefully.
  • Updated lecture 4 slides have been posted.


  • Due to overlap with Octavian Florescu's office hours, Sahand's office hours for this week has been changed to Friday 10A-12P in 382 Cory.
  • HW1 is due at 6PM on Monday, 6/27 in the white EE40 drop box in the second floor lounge of Cory Hall.
  • Hambly 3rd edition has been recalled and placed on reserve, although the person who checked out the book has not returned it yet. Hambly 2nd edition will also be recalled and placed on reserve. Search Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications at to monitor the status of the recall.
  • Class on Friday, July 1st has been cancelled. The make-up lecture section will be held Thursday, July 7 from 12-2P.
Tuesday, 6/21
  • The textbook for this class has been recalled and placed on 2-hour reserve in Kresge Eng. Library (in Bechtel). The due date due to recall is 6/29, so hopefully the book will be returned soon!
  • Please finish your prelab before arriving at lab.
  • Lab 10, TW 8-11A, currently has the lowest enrollment. We encourage some of you to attend that section instead of the other two! Send David Lin an e-mail if you're interested.
  • Sahand's office hours for this week are Thurs. 10-12 in 382 Cory. Permanent office hours will be posted soon.
  • HW1 due date has been changed to Monday, 6/27 at 6PM.
Monday, 6/20
  • Welcome to EE40!
  • Lectures are MWF 12-2P in 160 Kroeber. Look at 'Weekly Schedule' for discussion and lab times and days.
  • Do attend your first discussion section!
  • Do not attend your first lab section. Labs will begin with the second lab for this week.
  • The first homework assignment has been posted and will be due Monday, 6/27 at 6PM in the 2nd floor lounge dropbox.
  • The following sections have been cancelled:
    • Lab 12: ThF 8-11A
    • Lab 14: ThF 2-5P
    • Lab 16: ThF 2-5P
    • Disc. 102: Th 12-2
  • Please post questions to the class newsgroup, ucb.class.ee40, instead of e-mailing your instructors! We will frequently check the newsgroup. Set up newsgroup access by following the link in 'Course Info.'