EE40 — Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits

UC Berkeley Summer Session 2008


08/14: Homework 7 Solutions: Problem 1 and Problems 2 and 3.

08/14: Solutions to the review problems.

08/14: A blank midterm 2 for studying purposes.

08/12: Tuesday’s discussion will be in office hour format to answer questions about review problems.  Also, Suraj’s office hours for Wednesday are cancelled.

08/11: Midterm 2 statistics: Mean=70.1, Standard Deviation=18.42.  A scatter plot of scores can be found here

08/08: Midterm 2 solutions.  Histogram coming soon.

08/07: IC Technology Slides posted.

08/06: To clear up confusion in office hours today on problem 10.28, 5V is the rating on the Zener diode.  Since we assume that it is ideal, when it is reverse biased (i_z > 0), then we assume the voltage drop is 5V.  This ensures that i_L could be calculated the same way we would for a linear circuit load since the voltage is in one of two states.  Linear optimizations always occur at the extrema.

08/05: Homework 7 posted. Due 5PM on Wednesday, August 13th.

07/31: Midterm 1 solutions have been relinked below.

07/31: Homework 5 solutions have been posted.

07/30: Suraj’s office hours for tomorrow are cancelled.  A makeup hour will be from 5-6 Thursday in Moore Rm.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

07/28: Midterm 2 this Friday (08/01). Closed book. You are allowed to prepare hand-written notes on one side of an A4 paper. There is a change of policy: To be fair to all the students, no calculator is allowed at the midterm.

07/23: Suraj’s office hours have been moved to the Moore room (in the 2nd floor courtyard outside of the student lounge).  If you submitted a midterm regrade request, pick them up from him either during office hours or discussion Friday.

07/20: Solutions to homework 3 posted.

07/18: HW4 posted. Due 5PM on THURSDAY, 07/24.

07/15: The mean on midterm 1 was 83.84 with a standard deviation of 14.6.  A histogram and solutions will be posted soon.

07/10: HW3 posted. Due 5PM on THURSDAY, 07/17. Multisim tutorial and manual also posted.

07/09: Discussion notes and solutions from Tuesday’s discussion
07/09: Updated solutions to Homework 1 are online in the “Homework” tab

07/07: Midterm 1 this Friday (07/11). Closed book, closed notes. No calculator.
07/07: Lab3 this week, on Tuesday (07/08).

07/01: HW2 posted. Due 5PM on Wed, 07/09 in the EE40 HW box in 240 Cory.

06/24: HW1 posted. Due 5PM on Wed, 07/02 in the EE40 HW box in 240 Cory.
06/23: No Lab during the first week of classes.
06/23: Tuesday discussion section (06/24) cancelled for the first week.