Strategic Computing and Communications Technology

Big news! This course has now been approved for new regular course numbers:

BA C290D




The "C" is the campus way of denoting a course that is cross-listed. The dynamics of the course depend on the mixture of BA, EECS, and SIMS students, so that we can all learn from one another.

In TeleBears, EECS C201 is listed under "Electrical Engineering"--I guess it has to be either EE or CS. However, be assured the course is targeted at both EE and CS students!

Also, the course has been officially designated as satisfying the core requirement of the Management of Technology program.

Here is the course proposal that got us approved.

Spring 1999 semester, MW 9:30-11 in 202 South Hall (the new modern multimedia classroom). You can sign up under either of the three course numbers. The limits on each are designed to maintain a balance of students across disciplines in the class. Class discussion and projects both benefit from a mixtures of point of view.

The first two times this course was taught, the course was listed under the BA 296, SIMS 290, EE 290X, and CS 294 monikers. Those previous course homepages: Spring 97 and Spring 98.