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Test Your CalNetID

This site allows you to verify that you are using the correct
CalNetID (your ID number or user name) and passphrase.

CalNet-authenticated sites under http://inst.eecs comments for WEB site developers
Your CGI program manages the CAS session via the AuthCAS Perl module; you must code any additional session management into your CGI program; the CalNet logout button works:

The WEB server manages the CAS session via the mod-auth-cas Apache module, which you configure in a .htaccess file in the working directory; you avoid session management in the CGI program, but the CalNet logout button doesn't work. (See mod_auth_cas/README, line 116+.) CalNet sessions via mod-auth-cas time out in 30 minutes (on our server).
demo of file locations, permissions and code to enable CalNet authorization for a WEB site on the EECS Instructional WEB servrer.
You can filter these out during authorization by checking for the berkeleyEduTestIDFlag attribute
Documention for ISG staff about setting up CalNet authentication on   (April 2020)