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EECS Instructional Support
Organization Chart

Instructional services in EECS are supported by 2 groups: Instructional Support and Electronics Support (below).

EECS departmental org charts:

Faculty oversight of instructional computing and labs is via the Computer, Networking, & Instructional Laboratories Committee.   EECS Chairs and committees are listed at http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/Chair/committees.shtml.  

  EECS Chair:   Prof. Jitendra Malik
Division Chairs:   Prof. Jan Rabaey, Prof. James Demmel
CNIL Co-Chairs:   Prof. John Kubiatowicz, Prof. Kristofer Pister

EECS Director of Space & Facilities: Scott McNally
  EECS Director of IT: Eric Fraser

Electronic Support Group  (ESG)
esg at eecs.berkeley.edu

Manager: Katherina Law

full-time positions:
Winthrop Williams
Ming Wong
Eric Arvai
Jeremy Kramer

Electronics labs and development for EECS classes; repair of electronic equipment; multimedia and AV resources; streaming media content on netshow01.eecs
  Instructional Support Group  (ISG)

Manager: Kevin Mullally

full-time positions:
Marcelino Enriquez
Linda Huang
Erik Rogers

Computer labs, servers and software support for EECS classes; Instructional computer accounts; course and student WEB sites on inst.eecs

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