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           Report on EECS Instructional Computing Facilities
                          Fall Semester 1995

by: Kevin Mullally, Manager of EECS Instructional Systems
    Ferenc Kovac, Manager of EECS Electronic Support

For a desciption of the current status of Instructional UNIX labs and
file servers, please read /share/b/pub/EECS.facilities (also accessible via
Mosaic and gopher).

For decriptions of additions and changes to software availability, please
read /share/b/pub/Instructors.Guide, /share/b/pub/ and other specific
files in the /share/b/pub directory (also accessible via Mosaic and gopher).

DUE-DATES utility
  There is a new program called '/share/b/bin/due-dates' on franklin.cs.
  The program is an interface that can display and edit a text file in which 
  instructors can add the due-dates and other information about assignments 
  for their classes.  This may help to balance the usage of the workstation 

  When an instructor runs '/share/b/bin/due-dates -edit', the text file is 
  opened in an editor (as specified by the user's $VISUAL or $EDITOR 
  environment variable).    When a student runs '/share/b/bin/due-date',
  the contents of the file is displayed (using the  user's $PAGER 
  environment variable, or 'cat').

  Please ask "root@cory.eecs" for help if you wish to use 'due-dates'.

June-August 1995
  275 Soda was rearranged to suit hands-o  instruction for CS61A.  
  Workstations  were cleaned of grime and internal dust.  Several new 
  UNIX utility programs were produced, including an improved "grade"
  database application, an due-dates scheduler for instructors and 
  improved downloading of TeleBears class enrollment data.  This data
  is used by the "roster@cory" program and it is given to the cardkey
  staff so they had class enrollment lists at the start of the semester.

  Our old Silicon Graphics Iris systems (the "Torus" cluster in 199 Cory)
  have been retired from service.   They have been given mainly to research 
  groups in Soda Hall.

  PCs in 123 Cory were upgraded to Intel-donated Pentium 90s, with larger 
  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) were installed on all the 
  PCs to aid students in writing their reports and prepare their
  presentations.  A Windows NT server has been installed.

  Self-Paced Center:
  In August, 2 UNIX workstations and 2 Macintosh Performas were installed
  in 345 Davis.   These and older Macs in there were put on the ethernet,
  replacing serial connections.   This is in support of the CS3 and CS9 
  series classes.

September 1995:
  4 PowerMac 8500s have beene installed in 111 Cory.  These will 
  provide computing resources for multimedia and animation design classes 
  (CS39A, CS294-6). 
  Also under discussion is the aquisition of some high-end PCs for the
  lab in 111 Cory. 

  Instruction purchased a Mac Powerbook 520c last year for use by faculty
  in campus lecture  halls that have projection equipment for the computer
  screen.  We anticipate buying another portable (probably a  Intel-based
  system running UNIX) for similar use next year.

  Prof Sequin has received 10 new Indys in a donation from Silicon Graphics.
  These arrived in late August.  Seven of these are installed in 347 Soda 
  for use by CS184, CS284 and CS285.

  Grants proposals are under discussion for donations from both DEC and HP.

October 1995:

   Po.eecs crashed early in the morning of Sat Oct 7 and was back in service 
   by 6am on Saturday.   However, users could not "rlogin" to po.eecs because
   the Ultrix license server failed to start.  Users could login using
   "telnet", and home directories on po.eecs were accessible via NFS from all
   the other systems.   "rlogin" was working again by about 7pm on Saturday.

December 1995:
  Pasteur.EECS, the Instructional mail server, crashed and was rebooted on 
  Sunday 12/03 at about 8pm.

(end of document)