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                          College of Engineering
                     EECS Instructional Support Group

							October 12, 2006

              EECS Instructional Computing - Review and Plans
		                 Fall 2006

	Mission Statement
	Recent Improvements 
	Summary of Current Computers
	Notable Events

Mission Statement

  The EECS Instructional Support Group (ISG) installs and maintains networked 
  computers that are used by EECS classes.  ISG provides computer accounts for 
  instructors and students in the Instructional labs and on Instructional 
  servers.  ISG purchases, installs and maintains application software needed 
  for classes.  ISG supports instructional labs in Cory Hall, Soda Hall and 
  Hearst Field Annex.

  These are the functions in which ISG interacts with other UCB support groups:

  - we obtain enrollment lists from the Registrar (Student Information Services)
  - we synchronize our user accounts with the EECS department (IDSG)
  - we provide cardkey pre-authorization for our students to EECS Facilities
  - we bill students' voluntary printer charges to CARS
  - we coordinate our use of the EECS Network Node Bank with IDSG and CNS
  - we manage the computers in engineering labs with ESG 
  - we manage the computers in EECS conference rooms with ESG 
  - we manage the licenses for Synopsys/TCAD/HSPICE with the Device Group
  - we manage the licenses for Cadence with the BSAC group

Recent Improvements 

These are our most recent donations and aquisitions (in 2005 and 2006):

  -  1 SunFire V440 server for "H30" (matching grant to Kevin)
  -  1 SunFire V20Z server for "Fileservice" (matching grant to Kevin)
  - 30 Sun W1100Z PCs for 330 Soda (purchase and AEG to Kevin)
  - 10 Sun Ultra20 PCs for 275 Soda (matching grant to Kevin)
  - 67 Intel PCs for 125 Cory (donation to Ferenc)
  - 16 Intel PCs for the future 204A Cory (donation to Ferenc)

Summary of Current Computers

  Please see 
  (sorry, Microsoft Windows only)

Notable Events

  See for current events.

For additional information, please contact me:
  Kevin Mullally, ISG Manager
  EECS Instructional Support Group
  378 Cory Hall, (510) 643-6141

source: ~inst/public_html/reports/managers/Fall_2006