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                            College of Engineering
                   EECS Instructional Systems Support Group
  January 9, 1998

                EECS Instructional Computing - Review and Plans

  Standard Procedures:

  Computer accounts:  We use 2 types of accounts for the students:

      Class accounts ("cs61a-xx", etc) are typically used when an  instructor
      needs  to  control  the  login environment of the students' accounts or
      when the students need group  accounts.   Class  accounts  are  deleted
      after  the  semester  ends.    All  INSTRUCTIONAL NT accounts are class
      accounts.  We give a stack of class account forms  to  the  instructor,
      and the instructor distributes them.

      Named accounts ("jdoe", etc) are given whenever class accounts are not.
      All  EECS/CS  majors  can get permanent named accounts, and non- majors
      get named accounts that expire at the end of  the  semester.   Students
      request  named accounts by logging in as 'newacct' (no password) in 271
      Soda or 105 Cory.
  Cardkey procedures:  Students who do not have an EECS cardkey should go  to
  391  Cory (8:30am-noon, 1pm-4:30pm) to sign up for a new cardkey.  Students
  who already have an EECS cardkey can go to either 391  Cory  or  387  Soda.
  We  use  TeleBears  enrollment lists to pre-approve students for the access
  they need.  Instructors are encouraged to send updated enrollent  lists  to
  newacct@cory.eecs as the enrollments change.

  UNIX labs:

  Room 199 Cory now houses our 20 new DEC Alpha workstations, which are  used
  primarily by EE classes for HSPICE and other applications.  We have finally
  retired all the DEC mips workstations running Ultrix.  There  are  still  2
  Ultrix  cpu servers available (cory.eecs and po.eecs) for any legacy appli-

  Room 310 Davis becomes the new lab for CS61A on Jan 20.  We are  moving  30
  HP  workstations  from 275 Soda to 310 Davis.  CS61A students will have 24-
  hour cardkey access to 310 Davis, as well as to the second  floor  labs  in
  Soda,  but  the  class will no longer need to reserve lab time in 275 Soda.
  This frees up 275 Soda for 24-hour drop-in access.
  Room 275 Soda will house 30 Intel PCs  that  were  donated  to  Instruction
  through  a grant that Prof Canny won from Intel in Spring 1997.   These PCs
  run Solaris x86.  Solaris x86 is our preferred UNIX for PCs, becuase of its
  performance  and  support.   It  runs  all  Instructional UNIX applications
  except Matlab.

  Windows NT and Mac OS labs:

  Room 119 Cory, formerly a DEC workstation lab, will soon have 23 HP  Vectra
  and  Intel  PCs  that are equiped for video editing and multimedia applica-
  tions.  The Vectras were donated to us through a grant that Prof Zakhor won
  from HP in August 1998, and the Intel PCs were donated through a grant that
  Prof Canny won from Intel in Spring 1997.  This will be a  general  drop-in
  lab  for  students with NT accounts in the INSTRUCTIONAL domain, and it may
  be reserved at times for specific multimedia classes.

  Room 111 Cory now has 8 Macintosh PowerPCs with 3D Quicktime video  boards.
  Four  of those Macs were recently  donated through a grant that Prof Barsky
  won from Apple.  The systems are intended primarily for use  by  CS39A  and
  related courses, but other Instructional users may schedule access as well.
  EECS1 will probably run LogicWorks in 111 Cory this semester.

  Electronics labs:

  For additional information, please contact us or our WWW  home  pages  via:

       Kevin Mullally, Manager               Ferenc Kovac, Associate Manager
       EECS Instructional & Electronics      EECS Instructional & Electronics
       378 Cory Hall, (510) 643-6141         377 Cory Hall, (510) 642-6952    

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