EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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                   University of California at Berkeley
         Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
                   Instructional Systems Support Group

								June 2014

The /share/b/pub/reports/managers directory holds reports written by the sys 
admins about notable events in the EECS Instructional facilities.

The intended audience is instructors who wish to review the past performance 
of the facilities and to assist in planning for improvements.

These reports can be access on line in these ways:

  1) On an Instructional UNIX computer, type:
	ls /share/b/pub/reports/managers/*

  2) Via a WWW broswer, go to the URL:

Kevin Mullally
Manager, EECS Instructional Systems
378 Cory Hall, University of California
Berkeley  CA  94720              (510) 643-6141     FAX: (510) 643-7846